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69 "Mother to Daughter/Son Poem" For Mother's Day or anytime.

Updated on June 6, 2015
My Great-Grandson
My Great-Grandson

Mother's thank you on Mother's Day.

I may not be a mother, but I have thought about the fact that every once in a while a mother should take the opportunity to thank her children for being who they are and giving her a reason to be alive, so I came up with this little poem as a suggestion. Just think about it after you read it. I am a father and this can be used on Father's Day also. But don't wait until Mother's Day or Father's Day to let your children know how you feel.

Mother to Daughter/Son

I am doing something different on this Mother’s Day,

I am sending a greeting to my son/daughter in another way.

I want to say “Thank You” for making my life whole.

Without you in my life I would have had no goal.

You brighten my every day with your smile,

You make the roads I travel easier with every mile.

When the days come and the nights go,

Just having you close lets me know,

There will always be a love between us,

That will last no matter how much we fuss.



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    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      6 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi MoN, thank you for the visit and the time to comment. Greg

    • mothersofnations profile image

      Mothers of Nations 

      6 years ago

      Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing. God bless you...

    • justgrace1776 profile image


      7 years ago

      And we do fuss! It is always good when the love is bigger than the fuss. Nice poem. :)

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 

      7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      gregas, this was a very touching, thoughtful and poignant poem. I'm sure your kids will feel the same way. A very nice way for me to end my evening. Thank you.

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Thank you Linda. I have been out for awhile due to moving, illness and going back to work after a 2-1/2 year retirement but I am getting back soon. Greg

    • Linda Cassini profile image

      Linda Cassini 

      8 years ago from Las Vegas NV

      Keep writing... :)

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 

      8 years ago

      I love this poem. This is exactly how I feel about my children. I do my best to tell them, they are my saving grace. It's because of them, I make wise choices. When I am down, to see their faces make me smile. Voted WAY UP!

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Artist, thank you. The whole idea of this was to share and I am honored that you would share with others. Greg

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Lika, Thank you. That's right, and there are some kids and parents that don't realize that. Greg

    • landscapeartist profile image

      Roberta McIlroy 

      8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I agree with @LikaMarie. I owe my life to my kids and I don't think I would be here today if it weren't for them. I hope you don't mind but I shared it on facebook and even dedicated it to them. It's a beautiful poem.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Oh, you know, I couldn't agree with you more about the mother/son poem. My "baby" is 12. I don't know what I would do without him. And sure, while it's nice to hear that we are good parents for our kids, we wouldn't be parents at all, if NOT for our kids.

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Sandy, Thank you. I know that mothers show their love everyday by the things they do for their children. It really doesn't take any effort to express those feelings in words or emotion. Thank you for the vote too. Greg

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Better, I don't know where you are visiting me from, but thank you for the visit and comment. I feel it is just as important on Mother's/Father's Days for the pareants to show their love as well. Greg

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Bonita, Thank you. If you live a good life, you will close that void and life will get better. Greg

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Sheila, Thank you for the visit and the comment. Greg

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Snowdrops, Thank you for the vosit and the compliment. Greg

    • Sandy Frost profile image

      Sandy Frost 

      8 years ago from India

      That's a lovely poem, Greg. Your words let us realize how a mother treats her son or daughter with so much care as well as how much a son or daughter is special for her. This is responsibility for every son and daughter that he or she should pay same attention, care and importance to her with all due respect.

      Thanks for sharing these beautiful lines. Voted up.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you so much for your very prompt support of my fledgling hub. It is amazing how much it encouraged me to leave it intact instead of removing it that evening.

      This poem is wonderful. My own children make my heart swell, and their love for me makes everything else almost irrelevant.

    • Bonitaanna profile image


      8 years ago from Oil City, PA

      Greg, Thank you for your mothers day poem. I can only pretend that she was saying that to me and meaning it. There is a big void that is so hard to mend in my life and that is one of them. I can only pray that God will heal it.

    • sheilanewton profile image


      8 years ago from North Shields, UK

      Great hub - lovely poem. Such thoughtful musing. I love it.

    • snowdrops profile image


      8 years ago from The Second Star to the Right

      a very beautiful and heartfelt poem. I love it.

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Faith, Thank you. Even though I am not a mom, I do feel this way toward my kids. Greg

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 

      8 years ago from southern USA

      gregas, this is such a precious piece. Thank you for expressing yourself in this poem. Such lovely thoughts to your son and daughter. Very sweet. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Sue, Thank you. My mom passed in 1998 and I am sorry now that I didn't see her more before her time was up. The same with my dadhe passed this last October at age 96. I just don't know where time goes. It does make a big difference when you are separated by continents instead of states. I hope you can make it happen. Greg

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi BM, Thank yo so much for your comment. Greg

    • Suelynn profile image


      8 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      Hi Gregas, It's beautiful and so wonderful that you expressed it. I have one son and he has been my raison d'être" through my life! I lost my Mom two years ago and miss her so much. My Dad is 90 and I have made a concerted effort for a long time to communicate with members of my family - each of us is on a different continent, so I do know where your heart is. Thank you for the beautiful poem! Touches my heart.

    • BeyondMax profile image


      8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Such a heart-warming poem, amazing!

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Teaches, KJ and Sue. Thank you for the comments and visits. I just felt that Mother's Day should be an opportunity to show thanks to the children for their love too. Greg

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Gregas

      A beautiful sentiment.

    • kj force profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      Greg..beautifully written,simple yet deep. It is ironic though as through your words in the poem..there is no mention of sacrifice, only positive reasons to enjoy and move forward in life with unconditional for thought !

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      8 years ago

      Lovely, just lovely. Never thought of writing a poem for my child.. what a great suggestion. Yours is truly a tibute to your family.

    • gregas profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Everybody. I normally like to thank everyone individually, but I am down and limited to time today. But I do thank all of you for the beautiful comments and for taking the time to read my poem. Greg

    • AndeeRose profile image

      Andee Rose Carpenter 

      8 years ago from Past the sunrise, left of the moon

      Beautiful poem with much love woven throughout.

    • lilian1 profile image


      8 years ago from Hertfordshire England

      The words are so true a lovely poem :)

    • flashmakeit profile image


      8 years ago from usa

      Just beautiful and I will vote this poem up.

    • angie ashbourne profile image

      angie ashbourne 

      8 years ago

      Hi! Beautiful poem. Voted up Angie

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 

      8 years ago from Lincolnshire, U.K

      A beautiful thought into beautiful words. Voted up

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I can't imagine a poem more perfect to express love between a mother and her son. Beautiful!

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 

      8 years ago from Dubai

      Beautifully expressed feelings of love. Voted up.

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 

      8 years ago from East Coast

      This is a beautiful hub. Thank you for sharing. Voted up and beautiful.

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 

      8 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      What a lovely thank you/poem for mothers. My mother died when she was 62, and I was born when she was 35. I wished I had thanked her more, but deep in my heart, very deep, I feel she knows.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      8 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      I have a feeling our mothers have always thanked us, as my 103 year old mother still does, by what they do for us each day to show their appreciation and love. What more thanks do we need? Nonetheless, my mother does as you have done here, when she repeats that I have made her proud (in the right sense.)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I really love the message in this poem. vote up beautiful!

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 

      8 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Lovely heartfelt poem, voted up and beautiful.

      There's no children in my life, Joyce.

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Colorado


      Who knew that Durango had a poet with such heart.

      -DW (Denver)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care, Kelley


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