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A small town with only one family

Updated on January 19, 2011
Pass your life and heritage on
Pass your life and heritage on | Source


A small town with only one family


How could I have possibly known 25 years ago when I had a small related injury that retired me from a life of law enforcement that one day here I am again at 62.

People from all walks of life become a little hesitant with their living arrangements and the city or town they live in. This sometimes set out a course to betterment to the mind and soul. Not being happy with either could make you a sad and habit forming person. How do I ever rid myself of the dam place and start a life somewhere else.

I ask myself this question several times before I moved to a small town; I guess we are all looking for a change or better life than what we left behind. You have to ask yourself just one question are you happy, what does that have  to do with anything I need my job! Needing your job and living long enough to enjoy the reason you work so hard are not related at all.

Ok, now ask yourself are we happy with our neighbors where we live now, do the people in our town greet us at the mail box or when we are just driving down the street do we get the high sign with the whole hand?  We spend so much time trying to make our bosses happy so we won’t get fired just to end up wage cuts and over educated young people coming into the work field with all the latest and greatest in the business.

That’s crap and you know it, Our Country was founded on the old teaching the new and it wasn’t always about work. Ethics is just as important as how you make your money and what we teach the new kids on the block.

Don’t just enforce ethics because it’s in the rule book, practice it in your daily living as well and make it perfect in your life. There are far too many rules in all of our company handouts and it all starts at the Federal level that’s called top down. I call it the evasion of the bean counters.

Ethics is what parents teach their own children to melt with their own religious and heritage beliefs. We just love to stop while we are traveling in a small town with German heritage or any other national heritage just to eat the food and talk to the people. If we can respect that community than why can’t we be our own community and celebrate our heritage as we have been taught, that’s legal heritage I mean. I don’t believe we need to turn the clock back and start over because we as a society have come a long way from its beginning. But I do feel that there is just too much influence on our way of life and the people that started it all.

Who is to tell us what ethics we need to use other than the giving word it’s been used for many years and works for the rule of the community. We who live in these small towns around this great land that we call the United States of America live here for two reasons we were born here or came here to escape from a dictatorship where people have no individual freedom unless it was bestowed by the state.

It takes a lot of small towns to make up a great state and a lot of great states to make one United States. We the People start on ground level by giving birth to our young working hard to maintain a family and giving out input to our local government how we want our town to grow.

We are a one family town and that is the family of man born of God and live to help and serve others to learn the ways of our family.



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