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Adoption, The Best Option?

Updated on January 1, 2014

Is Adoption a viable option?

Looking at adoption as a negative seems fairly common in my opinion. As i mentioned in other areas of the article, we must do what's best for the child. Adoption is always an option if you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy and don't have the financial or psychological means to raise a child. We all make mistakes and unplanned pregnancy isn't an exception from this.

Arguments for and against adoption

When people consider the possibility of adoption they see the negative sides first a lot of the time. The biggest negative is the simple fact that you're losing your child.

When we think of losing a child it scares us, as it should. Before we get too afraid of the pain and rule it out as an option we have to think of the benefits of giving a child the best home they can be in. A lot of times with unplanned pregnancies the parents aren't financially or emotionally ready for a child. To raise a child in an environment like that is not only difficult but can also be harmful to the child's development as it may not get the things it needs physically and emotionally.

When we think of our options in unplanned pregnancy we have to put our feelings aside and think of the what is best for our child.
When we think of our options in unplanned pregnancy we have to put our feelings aside and think of the what is best for our child. | Source

What is Your Opinion?

What is the best option when it comes to unplanned pregnancy?

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The Facts About Adoption

  • Adoption can make having children possible for couples who couldn't naturally have children. Adoption reaches out further than our lives, it effects the quality of life for others as well.
  • Before an adoption can happen the potential parents have o undergo a rigid background check as well as an assessment called a "home study" to make sure that they will be fit parents.
  • 62% of children adopted privately in the U.S. were placed with their families as newborns according to the 2007 National Survey of Adoptive Parents. Written by: Sharon Vandivere and Karin Malm.

Adoption Testimony of Mac Powell, Lead Singer of Third Day

Children of a Different Color

Sometimes we can be deterred from adoption because of the color of their skin, even if we aren't prejudice or racist we can inadvertently be steered away from adopting a child of another nationality!

Adoption isn't for everybody but if you feel called to do so, don't be afraid to take the dive!


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