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Backyard Beach Party for Kids

Updated on April 21, 2012

Cheap Summer Fun

Even if you don't have a pool and live hundreds of miles from any beach, you can still host a beach party for your kids. All you need is a back yard and a sense of fun.

How to Host a Winning Backyard Beach Party

1. Have your kids help you figure out the guest list and make cool invitations. On the invites, let them know to bring their swimsuits. If you provide the towels and other items, you won't have to worry about getting the right stuff to the kids when they are ready to leave.

2. Make your snacks quick and easy. Frozen fruit are a cool, tasty treat. Jello and whipped topping is always a hit no matter how old kids get. Popsicles are also a good treat on a hot day. Don't worry about providing a lot of food; kids would rather play than eat.

3. Have an assortment of water toys. Toy guns and balloons are fairly cheap and fun. Get a sprinkler for the water hose for a first-class water fight. Water games can take up the majority of the party and there are plenty to choose from, depending on your kids' ages. For some great ideas, check out Wacky Water Games for kids.

4. End the party with water storytime. Have everyone sit in a circle. For older kids, you can give them water guns and have one child start a made-up story. After a few minutes, they spray another child and to continue the story. Then that child sprays the next one and so one until everyone has had a chance to add to the story. For smaller kids, you can ask them questions and pick the one to answer by spraying them. This can be a fun game to help them wind down before they go home.


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