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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Modern Strollers

Updated on June 18, 2016

My husband and I do a great job of dividing up the tasks we need to do when it comes to raising our kids. When she discovered she was having twins last year it fell to me to research modern strollers for the incoming bundles of joy. All she asked was that I get the smallest double stroller possible so that we would not have any trouble getting around our city environs. I suggested we get two city select baby jogger strollers, but she said no because what would she do when I was not around. My lapse in logic was duly noted.

So I started my search and was quickly greeted with numerous choices. Between side by side and inline modern strollers and the best jogging strollers money could buy, I felt overwhelmed. Then I started reading about European strollers (which I guess are stylish modern strollers). A co- worker suggested the city elite double stroller and the baby jogger city select diamond, but I just wasn’t happy with the comments I read about these strollers.

As I started contemplating just duct taping together the two city mini jogger strollers we owned from our first child, I came across the City Mini GT Double Stroller by Baby Jogger. After reading the reviews, I was sold.

Out of the box

So after receiving the side by side stroller, my wife and I started playing with it to get a feel for what we bought. Some of the cooler features we discovered were:

Quick-Fold Technology – This patented feature allows you to fold up the stroller in a single step. It works for the most part, but we had to kind of practice it to get it down to a smooth motion. My wife was really impressed with this feature.

Maneuverable – The front swivel wheels allow for some nice maneuverability. As with most active strollers the front wheels lock down for smooth straight strolling.

Under 30” wide – One of the smaller modern strollers I encountered. I felt the width should get us through most normal sized doors.

Comfort – This modern stroller’s seats are thickly padded so that children will be comfortable when riding in the stroller. The seats recline almost to a full flat position so that the kids can nap. The seats also have a weather cover that fold away when not in use.

Safety – The seats have your standard five point harness system with padding and an easy to use hand brake.

Sturdy – The stroller can support 100 lbs. (50 lbs. per seat). I appreciate this because it means we can keep the stroller for a bit longer (assuming the twins do not sprout up like crazy).

Dual canopies – Large, independent sun canopies protect the riders from the sun. My wife appreciated the viewing windows so she can keep an eye on the kids.

Storage – My wife considers this one of the more important features (after safety and comfort). The under carriage storage is fairly large. One of our diaper bags was pretty large and we had to kind of jam it in there. I asked my wife if maybe she should get a smaller bag, but she said the stroller will adapt to her needs. I chose not to argue the point. Between you and me, reasonable people will find the storage adequate. The seats also have storage spaces on the back of them.

On the Road

So after using the City Mini GT Double Stroller for several months, I can say this is one of the better modern strollers I have encountered in my few years of parenthood. The stroller has proven to be a very sturdy, maneuverable stroller for transporting our twins. My wife has been very happy with the stroller (even when you consider her opinion on the bottom storage capacity). She says she really enjoys getting out and about with the stroller.

My wife does not jog (and that is good because this stroller is not made for jogging), but this stroller allows the family to get out on the local trails. The ride is pretty smooth and the twins have never complained (i.e. cried)

As for quality, the stroller is very well built. Even with the superhuman toddler power possessed by my twins, they have yet to break anything on this stroller. Oh, they try, but so far the build of the stroller has thwarted them. The cloth parts on the stroller clean up well from your standard spills and messes.

My wife’s one complaint is that the stroller is pretty heavy. She usually does not complain about the weight of baby gear, but when you are dealing with three kids, trying to get gear and a stroller stashed in the car, it can wear on her. She is appreciative of the quick fold technology. The stroller does have a locking mechanism to secure it when folded up.

Final Thoughts

I should mention that the City Mini GT Double Stroller is a pretty pricey stroller. Did this affect my decision to buy the stroller? Not really. Of course, it did make me pause, but I then felt guilty thinking that if I skimped on the stroller and something like the wheels fell off, I would be in big trouble. All I can say is shop around (of course that is good advice for any item).

So are there any negative qualities (besides the wife’s comment on the weight)? Well, I can honestly say that the stroller has held up well and keeps our twins safe and comfortable. I mean there are times when the quick fold technology is not so quick, but that is more of an annoyance than a negative. Like I wrote earlier we spent time practicing folding up the stroller. My wife joked that we could probably do it blind folded after a few times. Well, I don’t know about that, but even when we thought we had it down to a science, we would still hit some snags.

Bottom line, the City Mini GT Double Stroller is one of the better models of modern strollers. If the price does not scare you off, you will have a nice purchase here for your kids.


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