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Baby Names from Gods and Goddesses

Updated on January 21, 2009

As I've said several times in previous Baby Name articles, baby names matter! I was given a beautiful, very ethnic name -- that absolutely no one in my school could pronounce. That name was the bane of my existence until I graduated and started using the name I sing under professionally. (Which, obviously, isn't this name, being that this is one I publish books under!) So anyway. Back to the importance of names thing. Do your child a great kindness on the day they're born, and name them something that will not embarrass them in school.

I can appreciate the desire to name them something they won't find boring or dull, but don't get silly and name them after a fruit, vegetable or lunchtime snack pack. There are plenty of good names out there, many of which are unique and still easily remembered or pronounced. Take these names of Gods and Goddesses, for example:

Baby Boy Names from Gods

  • Ares -- Roman god of war. If you've ever watched Xena, you know how good this name can sound on a man!

  • Castor -- Originally mortal (twin brother of immortal Pollux) he became immortal after his death when he and his brother became the Gemini constellation.

  • Morpheus -- Greek God of dreams (and very cool film character).

  • Laran -- Etruscan God of war, later known as the Greek god Ares.

  • Gwydion -- Welsh God of war and magic.

  • Rod -- Slavic God of harvest and fertility and hospitality.

  • Thor -- Norse God of thunder. You'd have to be brave to name your child this, but how cool would you be at school if you had this name??

  • Dagon -- Philistine God of fertility and harvest.

  • Ammon -- Egyptian Oracle/God, Greek translation.

  • Shai -- Egyptian God of fate.


Baby Names from Goddesses

  • Venus -- Roman Goddess of Love (and tennis superstar).

  • Freya -- Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty and War. Honestly, what more could you ask for in a name??

  • Hera -- Greek Goddess of marriage (married to Zeus, so she must have known what she was doing) and family.

  • Athena -- Greek Goddess of the arts, wisdom and war.

  • Isis -- Egyptian Goddess of all kinds of good stuff, especially nature and magic.

  • Vesna -- Slavic Goddess(es) of the Spring.

  • Astraea -- Greek Goddess of Justice (along with her mother). When she left earth, she became the constellation Virgo.

  • Calliope -- Greek Goddess and the most famous muse, known for inspiring Homer's writing.

  • Harmonia -- Greek goddess of harmony and concord.

  • Flora -- Roman Goddess of flowers.

  • Luna -- Roman Goddess of the moon.



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    • profile image

      godess of Light 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Tom 6 years ago


    • profile image

      dvbdbv 6 years ago

      cool names

    • profile image

      chubby 7 years ago

      ...........very nice nym to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • scotty smith profile image

      scotty smith 9 years ago from Worldwide

      Nice hub Isabella, very relevant to me as we are due to have our second child in 2 weeks, thanks a lot.


    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Great collection of names Isabella. Naming a baby with a good name is so important as far as I'm concerned.

      regards Zsuzsy

    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom Rubenoff 9 years ago from United States

      Very nice hub. There is a Jewish tradition of naming your child after a deceased relative. We modified the tradition by using a name starting with the same first letter as that of a deceased relative. It's hard enough choosing a name without adding these restrictions, I think!