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Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy by Swimways

Updated on December 3, 2012

baby spring float sun canopy by swimways in blue at Amazon

Baby spring float sun canopy by swimways

Protect your baby this summer by buying him a baby spring float sun canopy by Swimways to protect his delicate skin from the sun, while he enjoys the pleasures of floating in a swimming pool with the adults for the first time.

Ensure your baby's safety by not letting him go for a minute. How many babies have drowned in just 2" of bathwater, never mind a deep swimming pool? A baby spring float sun canopy by swimways is a great way for your baby to join in the summer water fun, while staying protected from those deadly rays of the sun.

It is basically a blow up ring with an underside support so that baby will not fall through, and a sun canopy to keep that blazing hot sun off baby's delicate skin.

It's a great idea as baby will be much safer in this sun float that he would be with someone holding him. He has the freedom to splash around in the water while you are safe in the knowledge that he has the best sun protection possible.

Make sure your baby is covered with a high factor sun screen, and repeat applications as often as possible.

Sun Canopy Baby Float

baby spring float sun canopy by swimways
baby spring float sun canopy by swimways

More baby spring float sun canopy by swimways

baby spring float sun canopy by swimways in red at Amazon

Summer Sun Protection for your Baby

The Baby spring float sun canopy by swimways protects your baby from 90% of the sun's uv rays, and the high SPF sunscreen you put on him should provide protection from the other 10%.

Baby sun protection is vital in the hot summer months under a summer sun, especially if he is not used to it. If you go on vacation this summer to a hot country, your baby may find the heat even more unbearable than you, as babies cannot sweat and fight off overheating the way adults can, due to having a much smaller skin surface area through which excess body heat can escape.

Cooling off in a swimming pool under a hot summer sun is a perfect way to cool your baby down, and your baby spring float sun canopy by swimways can be packed up into its convenient lightweight storage bag for travelling.

Never take the product into the open sea with baby. It is too dangerous as an underwater current or offshore wind could sweep your baby out to sea.

baby spring float sun canopy by swimways

baby spring float sun canopy by swimways courtesy of Amazon
baby spring float sun canopy by swimways courtesy of Amazon

Baby Spring Swim Float by Swim Ways without canopy at Amazon

Signs and symptoms of dehydration in your baby

Babies can get dehydrated very quickly in hot weather, so it is important for you to know the signs and symptoms of dehydration.

Baby will get irritable and gumpy, then increasingly listless. Their nappies will stay dry. If your baby goes more than 6 hours without a wet nappy, take him along to your local emergency room.

His skin very quickly becomes dry and loses it's elasticity, and his fontanelle will sink inwards.

Make sure this doesn't happen and that your baby gets plenty to drink in hot weather, and that he is kept out of the sun as much as possible. If his room doesn't have air conditioning, install a fan to help keep the air moving and dress him in light layers of clothing.

Babies do not have any way to tell us they are feeling too hot, so watch out for signs and don't ignore his cries of discomfort, even if you have a normally-crying baby (and some DO cry more than others), this time he may have a real reason to cry.

Do not allow your baby to have hours of fun in the swimming pool with his new baby spring float sun canopy by swimways. Instead limit his time in the water to short periods. Short, frequent periods in the water will help keep him cool and happy much more than one longer period.

Have great but a SAFE time in the water with summer with your baby.


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    • IzzyM profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from UK

      Absolutely, I just read my own article above again and I don't think I emphasised enough the importance of staying with and watching your baby at all times while in the swimming pool. No matter how well something is made, babies wriggle out of things given half a chance - don't give them that chance while in a swimming pool.

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Excellent article. Concise and filled with important safety tips. Leaving a child any age alone in a swimming pool is not advisable. When with an infant, don't let your eyes stray and most importantly stay present in the moment and attentive or leave the swimming pool area.


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