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Baby Things- Baby Clothes

Updated on January 23, 2013

Finding Baby Clothes

Babies never seem to wear out clothing, they simply grow too fast. Many parents are young and baby clothing can become expensive. However, a nice selection of baby wear can be found in second hand shops, practically new. People love to donate items to help other parents along. Church bazars, family and friends are also great places to obtain beautiful baby clothes in excellent condition.

Safe gifts for the Very Young

Christmas is the time of year to be especially carefully about gift buying for children and the gifts well meaning relatives and friends buy. For very young children a gift of something useful may be a better gift than a toy. Chocking hazards are always a worry. Small children can be pinched by some toys. Some small toy cars with wheels held on by things that look like pens will certainly not work for children still finding everything worthy of tasting. Holidays are great and even better when safe. Beware of toys with any pull off pieces and strings children might choke on.

Car Booster Seats


An Evenflo Booster Seat is an excellent booster seat for any young child. While driving your car you must keep your eyes on the road. Knowing that your child is securely strapped in an Evenflo Booster seat gives peace of mind. Worrying about making a bad stop or having someone hit your car and your child being unprotected in an adult car seat. A child safety seat makes the job of strapping a child safely in a lot easier.


When deciding upon an Evenflo Booster Seat the weight of the child must be considered. Booster Seats are the law and lessen the chance of a child getting hurt from a car collision. Children of a certain age group are required to use a booster. The seats allow the child to ride more comfortably and they adjust as they grow. The seat needs to be installed correctly and Evenflo has provided an on the web video to make sure each booster seat they make is easy to install.


There is no need for a booster seat to cost a fortune, the Evenflo big kids booster sells for $30. This booster seat has an arm rest and a luxury cup holder. This seat does a two in one job since it can be turned into a back less booster seat. The components are removable and washable this is very important in a child seat. The Harmony Juvenile booster retails for $50 the seat is easy to adjust and will work with your child as they grow. Head back and arm support are a nice addition enabling you to make a swift stop at a fast food restaurant and go on with your errands.


A no back booster seat is a large seat booster for a child who still needs the booster support. Car seat models are the Maestro, this seat has a convenient head rest and the straps are long enough to adjust as your child grows. Children love to horseplay and a booster seat keeps them in one area while you focus on driving. Serenade, Discovery, Embrace are all car seat designs the Evenflo has for you to choose from in booster seats for your child.


Evenflo booster sets are designed to fit a car seat and to fit your child. A booster seat is picked by the child’s weight height and age. With present laws many children will be using a booster seat for quite a few years. It is natural to want to hold your baby but if a serious accident occurs there is no way possible for you to hold your child securely. Skipping over this reason leaving your child unstrapped in a car seat is against the law. Restaurants are not the only places we find children cannot sit in regular adult seat. The car seats adults sit in will not accommodate a child. Thankfully the Evenflo Company is a primary supplier of child booster seats.




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    • C. Stewart profile image

      C. Stewart 7 years ago

      Important info for parents with small children!

    • GojiJuiceGoodness profile image

      GojiJuiceGoodness 7 years ago from Roanoke, Virginia

      Good hub! Our family bought an Evenflo & it's great!