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Best dvd for toddlers

Updated on February 14, 2015

DVDs are a great medium for entertain and teaching toddlers. In this article we will review several good DVDs to help you find the best DVD for your toddler.

Best educational DVDs for toddlers

Leapfrog is a company which specializes in educational and learning DVDs, books and toys. In my opinion they make the best educational DVDs for toddlers.

LeapFrog - Letter Factory: This DVD teaches toddlers to associate letters with sound(for instance r with arrrrrr). It does so in an entertaining way and after watching it a few times your toddler will understand the alphabet and be able to move on to reading.

The second Leapfrog product contains 2 DVDs:

1. Talking Words Factory 2 - Code Word Caper: In this episode, toddlers are taught about long vowel sounds, blended letters (such as th and sh), 'silent E", as well as blended vowels. It might sound advanced, but the DVD is intended to help 2-3 year olds with their understanding of English.

2. Leap Frog - Math Circus: Many toddlers know how to count: 1 2 3 and so on. They know the numbers go in this sequence, but they don't really visualize the value attached to the number. TV is very good medium to help the visualization of numbers and basic math. This DVD is a very good introduction to basic math.

You really can't go wrong with leapfrog's learning DVDs.

Potty Power - For Boys & Girls: This DVD works much better than advice from books and other parents. If you have a toddler who is having problems with their potty training you can just have her watch the DVD a few times. It works wonders in explaining why and how they should use the potty. It motivates a toddler by explaining the difference between babies and 'big kids' and motivating your toddler to act more like a 'big kid'.

Brainy Baby - Shapes & Colors: While the other DVDs are for more mature toddlers this one is for toddlers of around 1.5 years. It teaches them to recognize shapes and colors.

Best DVD for toddlers
Best DVD for toddlers

Best toddler movies on DVD

Toddlers can watch these movies over and over again. So whenever you need a little break you can just pop one of these DVDs into the machine.

Up: Up is about a man whose life didn't turn out the way he planned. He had to take a job and his wife wasn't able to give him the family he always wanted. Now as a widower he goes on the adventure which always eluded him.

Nemo: Nemo is about a father who loses his only son. He goes on an adventure to try to find him.

Cars: Cars is about a talking racing car. He gets sidetracked and ends up learning there is more to life than just racing.

best DVD for toddlers
best DVD for toddlers

Best toddler TV shows on DVD

Bob the Builder: This is a 3 DVD pack of Bob the builder. I like that the hero of the show is a builder. It introduces your toddler to a number of tools and problem solving skills.

Thomas & Friends: This is really a movie based on the TV series. The movie is about coping with jealousy and conflict in relationships.

Fireman Sam: Fireman Sam is a charming and fun series. Sam goes around saving the day and teaching lessons to toddlers.

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