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Best toddler computer

Updated on December 15, 2015

Toddlers are at an age when they develop very quickly and absorb everything they see and do. Helping them master the basics early allows them to develop more quickly and ultimately be more successful than their peers.

In this article we will review the best toddler computer as well as some of the best toddler computer games.

LeapFrog Clickstart My First Computer
LeapFrog is a company which specializes in educational DVDs, toys and games for toddlers and kids. The problem with many of the toddler computers are that you can only use the software which comes preloaded, with computer. The size of Leapfrog's market share has allowed them to bring out additional software for their computer, which you can buy separately. This guarantees that your toddler won't get tired of the computer, like with the other options.

The Clickstart is basically a box and a keyboard. There is no screen. You plug the box directly into your TV. The screen on the competing products are fairly weak. I would therefor say this is a good solution, which keeps the screen quality up and the costs down.

Toddlers put their toys through a certain amount of wear and tear, the Clickstart is sturdy enough to survive the normal toddler treatment.

The adapter
I strongly recommend getting the adapter. Both the box and wireless keyboard runs off batteries, you can save quite a bit by running the box off the house's power.

Built in games
The computer comes with 4 built in games which teach phonics, letters, animal facts, and counting.

Best toddler computer games

Leapfrog has contracts with many of the franchises that create toddler movies and TV shows. So toddlers can play the educational games as their favorite characters.

Dora the explorer learning game
The game teaches letters, shapes, matching skills, problem-solving skills Spanish vocabulary, colors and basic computer skills. There are 2 learning levels, so if they master the first one you can increase the difficulty. This is the most popular additional software for the system. If you only buy one extra game, get this one.

Diego Go!
This one has a number of smaller games. Some of them are suitable for toddlers, but others require more hand eye coordination than most toddlers have. Though I suppose they will be able to do it later on.

Thomas and Friends
This is based on a very popular TV series for toddlers. The point of the games is to collect train ticket. You do this bay solving mini puzzles, involving basic math and letters. Fans of the series will love the game.

Learning carnival
Slightly more challenging than the other games. The game records your score and time you took to solve puzzles and then challenges you to improve it. Learning carnival builds on the 3 games that are built into the computer. It goes into learning to rhyme, solve logic problems and more.

Best toddler computer
Best toddler computer

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    • profile image

      Pauline Eikel 7 years ago

      I use the Leap Frog site all the time & I have never seen this computer mentioned. I am so happy I found out about it here. It is just what I am looking for. Thank you so very much for writing about it.

    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Dora and Diego are my daughter's favorites. Thank you for sharing.