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Breastfeeding Accessories that Make Nursing Easier

Updated on January 27, 2010

Breastfeeding can be a great way for new moms to bond with their child and give their child the best nutrients and healthiest start possible. However, for many mothers, breastfeeding can be a challenging experience.  Here are some breastfeeding accessories to make the breastfeeding experience as enjoyable and easy as possible for new moms.

Breast cream

Your baby will need your milk every three hours when he is first born. That much breastfeeding can leave your breasts dry, sore, and painful. Invest in a good breast cream to help with chaffing and tenderness. Be sure to note whether the cream you choose may be left on when your baby nurses or should be removed prior to nursing.

Breast pads

Leaks and stains are an embarrassing part of breastfeeding. Using breast pads that cover the nipples to absorb leaks can help you avoid uncomfortable situations. Breast pads come in several forms. Disposable pads are thick and absorbent but can feel bulky under your bra or can be detected under your shirt. Alternatively, there are nondisposable pads that are more expensive, but thinner and can be used for several months.

Blanket or nursing cover

Your baby needs to nurse at specific times during the day, and these times aren’t always convenient for you. Nursing in front of others can be awkward. Having a blanket handy to cover the baby and your breasts can give you some privacy in any situation. Some manufacturers offer specialized nursing covers with a neck strap that work well too and won’t slip off.

Cleansing pads

Using cleansing pads before and after nursing can help keep the surface of your breasts clean for your baby. An unclean surface can give your baby acne or cause irritation and be uncomfortable for you as well. Tuck some of these pads in your diaper bag for convenience.

Breast pumps

When you first start breastfeeding, you may produce more milk than your baby needs. To remedy this situation, use a breast pump for the excess. Store the pumped breastmilk in a container made the store breastmilk and refrigerate it or freeze it for later use. The milk can last for a week in the refrigerator and up to 4 months in the freezer. The added bonus to this is that someone else can help feed your baby at night to help you get some much-needed rest.

Image Credit: diluvi, Flickr


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