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Bully Busters -Spy Gadgets to catch those bullies!

Updated on March 23, 2014

Bullying Facts

Bullies are everywhere! Due to spy gadgets, like spy video cameras and voice recorders, it has now become easier to gather hard evidence against them. Children, as well as adults, can be victims of bullying, or can themselves be the bullies. Bullying can happen anywhere, at school, on the bus, at work, at the park, or even on the street. Proof, is the only way to catch them, but was previously difficult to obtain. Thanks to spy equipment like video cams and recorders, it is now possible to expose those bullies for who they really are, by providing hard evidence, so they can be dealt with appropriately!

This is the best spy cam I have found for a younger child. It just pins on and no one would ever guess what it actually is.


Besides the traditional personality flaws of a bully, there is also one very important flaw that prevents bullies from being punished. Bullies are lyers! They try to lie there way out of punishment and they blame the person they are bullying.Often claiming that it is them who are being bullied, if someone was to report them. Without proof the true bully walks free, and the actual person that is being bullied withdraws even more, fearing people not believing them, and in turn leaving them open to further harassment, because they spoke up.

Another important bully fact that is often overlooked is, that, usually one, or both parents are bullies themselves. This in quite obvious when approaching them, about their child being a bully. I had this experience first hand. I approached a neighbor regarding her son ( who was three years older then mine) bullying my son, and she attacked me. She then called the police and said, that I attacked her! Because, I had no proof, I looked like the guilty one. Never Again!

Workplace bullying is also growing in popularity. Usually the bully is someone in a higher position then you, or with more signority then you. Jealousy is a huge factor in workplace bullying, but it is very hard to prove, especially if, it is done behind your back. What can you possibly do to stop it, if you are the new employee. Gathering proof is the only way! This type of bullying has also happened to me on a few separate occasions, and there was nothing I could do to prove it, so I once again, looked like the guilty one. Never Again!

It is time to finally expose those bullies for who they really are! The bullying stops here!

Gadgets to Catch Those Bullies

There are various ways that I have discovered to catch those bullies. Depending on what Country you live in the laws may differ, but in Canada I have not found any law that states that Gadgets such as voice recorders and video cameras are illegal to use in to record a bully. In fact, the law states that a voice recorder can be legally used to record a conversation as long as one person knows about it, and of course that person would be you! As for other countries, you must check your laws on this. Video is a different story, it would seem that as long as you are not using it in in a private setting, it can be used to catch bullies. You see videos all over the internet on it.

Voice Recorders would be perfect to use on a verbal bully. You can leave it in your pocket and no one would ever know.Calling names and intimidation can easily be proved by recording the abuse. New technology allows for many hours of data to be recorded, without running out of space. Some cell phone also have video and recording capabilities, all you have to do is hit the record button and place your phone in your pocket.

Spy cams are also another way to gather proof and they can be hidden almost anywhere. Buttons and hats with hidden cameras in them are great ways to record the bully in action, and can also record hours of data. Laws on spy cams are different than voice recorders, but in my opinion using one to record a bully in action, even if not admissible in court, could perhaps be used as proof to a teacher or a boss for example, that some type of bullying is occurring.

Time to Bust Those Bullies!

Bullying has become a major issue in today's society. Victims often feel helpless due to the fact that they have no proof. Obtaining evidence has recently become easier, due to our advancement in technology. Gadgets such as spy cams and voice recorders will now make it easier to bring those bullies to justice. Lets bust those bullies!


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    • profile image

      anon 21 months ago

      The author of the post clearly states "Depending on what Country you live in the laws may differ, but in Canada I have not found any law that states that Gadgets such as voice recorders and video cameras are illegal to use in to record a bully." and then further goes on to say "As for other countries, you must check your laws on this."

    • profile image

      Anonymous 22 months ago

      The above comment seems to be confusing. It is a 4th amendment right to have "reasonable expectation of privacy". But if said bully is infringing on a victims 4th amendment to be secure in their persons, houses, paper, internet, anywhere that is where the bullys rights end. That is why Search and Seizure exists. When used correctly it is effective. This is why people have the right to "free speech" but they are given a miranda warning. This does not only apply to law enforcement scenarios, this applies to anyone in any setting all of the time. This is why practically nothing is censored on the news and anything goes.

    • profile image

      Advisor15 3 years ago

      Its a felony to record someone. Check your states laws before doing this. You might take the recording to the authorities, and the authorities might arrest YOU. Its called reasonable expectation of privacy. Very sketchy area in most states, so again use caution before following this advice.

    • wildove5 profile image

      wildove5 6 years ago from Cumberland, R.I.

      Love it! Unfortunately once the bully has been exposed with one of these handy little devices, it will only be useful if justice is served appropriately by the proper authority. Adults also have a great deal of responsibility to make sure the punishments are enforced! Zero tolerance!