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CPS Helping or hurting our next generation? Why does CPS step in in some cases and not others? Conspiracy Theory?

Updated on August 22, 2013

Conspiracy Theory? If the shoe fits...

I was having a discussion with a friend last night and she posed a question to me. This wasn’t the first time she has asked me this question but it has been sitting in the back of my head rolling around for quite some time. Truly I think it was waiting for an answer or at least more information to be able to pose it into a ‘Theory’. Conspiracy Theory? Could be.

As a writer I am always looking for answers. I ask questions then try to find the answers for them, sometimes they fit, sometimes they don’t. In this, I will let you be the Judge. I have come up with a plausible answer to the question “Why does CPS (Child Protective Services) pick and choose those children who are taken away?” The answer goes pretty deep and does seem to cross the line of “Conspiracy Theory”, but if the shoe fits…..

It is our job to question "why"?

I’m going to give you some examples of parents and children who are in the ‘system’ without giving names, just the stories. Some have been in the News some have not.

The WHY side of the coin

Why isn't something being done? Why do these parents retain custody? Why doesn't the State step in when there are NUMEROUS reports of abuse as well as physical evidence?


A 4 ½ year old child with his 8 year old brother had been in and out of the ‘system’ for quite some time. The Mother had just gotten the children back 11 days before. For 4 days the 4 ½ year old child was beaten until not 1 square inch of his body was left untouched. He eventually died of his injuries. CPS did not step in to take this child even though they ‘knew’ his mother was addicted to illegal drugs. There were numerous allegations of abuse on these children yet CPS did nothing. This case is now closed. The monster who beat him to death is behind bars awaiting sentencing. The Mother who did not protect him is behind bars for the next ‘up to 30 years’. These people from the word ‘go’ were very poor as well as being uneducated.


A young woman who lives in an apartment building is beating her child. Through the walls the neighbors can hear the child crying out “Mommy PLEASE don’t hit me anymore!!” as the child’s body is being thrown up against the walls. The neighbors call CPS - nothing is done. It happens again so the neighbors call the police, nothing is done. Finally the neighbors call the landlord in the hopes that something will be done. He is letting her stay in this apartment because of the children, at low to no cost to her. Nothing is done, the abuse continues. She is very poor and uneducated.


A Woman has had 16 pregnancies, several abortions, 9 live births. She has been married 5 or 6 times, each time she marries one man she gets pregnant by either another man or her ‘next’ husband. During her marriages she has not had one child by her current husband. She is very poor and continues to live off of the State’s assistance. She has been reported to CPS numerous times by various people yet she is allowed to keep her children without interference of the State. At one point she loaded up her children in her vehicle and threatened to drive them into a Lake, with the idea of killing them all. She was placed in the hospital for 24 hour observation and returned home to her children. She has been evicted from her various homes to live in her vehicle with these children at different times. Some she placed at others’ homes yet collected Food Stamps and cash assistance for those very same children. One instance in particular she did this for 6 months. Not one father knows for certain that he is the biological father. She refuses to let DNA be done. The various fathers pay child support to the State for children which may not be theirs. Because she was married to the man at the time of the birth the State says “This child is yours” (this stems from an old law from the 1950’s). It doesn’t matter that the child is ½ black and the husband is white, the Law is the Law. This woman is very poor and uneducated.


A child is abused by his step-father. Hit and choked, there are bruises left on this young mans neck. He calls his biological father, the father comes to get him, the abuser has left the home, hiding from the police. The police are called to make a report, they don’t find it a concern. CPS is called to file an emergency report. They don’t find any concern yet the bruises still appear 4 days after the incident. When the whereabouts are discovered by the biological father of the step-father and the call is put to 911 regarding this, the father is told that he is bordering on stalking and could be charged. Nothing is ever done, the step-father returns home unafraid of being arrested. The step-father is very poor as well as uneducated.


Another young woman has a child, she is not quite positive who the father is until the day of the child’s birth. She was hoping for a different father but it was not to be. She was not prepared to be a mother but it happened anyway. The father believes that raising a child should be left up to the mother and doesn’t play a big part in the life of the child. This child is either developmentally slow or the Mom is too busy with her life to teach him what he needs to know to grow. CPS has been called on her for her lack of concern for the wellbeing of this child numerous times, nothing is done. The Grand mother has offered several times to take this child and raise him, it is refused vehemently. She finds herself pregnant yet again, this time not clear which man is the father at all, there could be up to 3 different men who are the father. She suffers from severe morning sickness as well as some mental issues. She is in constant need of reassurance from medical officials as well as anyone who will listen. She considers at some point to give this child up for adoption and hasn’t decided yet. During one bout of morning sickness she decides to go the local ER, she makes a phone call to hand over her child so she doesn’t have to take him. She either forgets to keep the number or deletes it on purpose from her phone. When she is done at the ER she has no way to find where her son is and doesn’t seem to care. The grandmother calls wanting to know who has her son, she isn’t sure where they live nor does she have the number to contact them. When asked by the Grandmother “What are you going to do?” the young mother replies angrily “What do you want me to do, I don’t have the phone number!!!” So apparently the child is left to his own defenses with an old neighbor who he probably doesn’t remember and may or may not be returned. This woman is poor and has her high school diploma.

Creating 'poor' people?

Now on the to “Conspiracy Theory” part that might make sense.

It is my thought through what has been going on in the political arena that those within the ‘middle class’ are no longer wanted. As of this time there are 4 classes of people, poor, middle class, rich and ‘uber-rich’ (billionaires). In Socialist Countries there are 2 classes of people - poor and rich. No in-between. It is my thought that our Government (or people in power) is in the process of attempting to create this. Why? Well the less money ‘we’ have, means more for them.

This article is just one way of creating poor. We already have a Nation of poor but it would seem by the goings-on of certain Government agencies that there isn’t quite enough poor folks for them. CPS seems to be one of those agencies. The workers they have are not required to take a Psychological exam yet they deem themselves qualified to determine if a parent that is fighting to keep their child is Psychologically unfit by the actions of that parent.

The 2 headed Coin

Why doesn't the State let these families have their children? Why are they creating costs where their doesn't need be?


A Grand mother who is in the middle class is fighting for everything she is worth to gain custody of her 2 grand sons. The mother is prepared to give up custody of these children to anyone who will take them, except the Grandmother. She has an issue and isn’t prepared to see her children raised by this woman, she would much rather never see her children again than have them be in her life. The Grandmother is spending thousands of dollars in legal fees to obtain custody. Each time she gets closer to a court date it is postponed causing yet more legal fees which she has to fork over. After spending well over $50,000 in legal fees she is no closer to getting her Grand children than when she began this process. She has also transformed her home to accommodate these children per CPS requirements.


A set of Grandparents sought custody of their grand children because their mother could not care for them and willingly ‘signed off’. They paid out thousands of dollars in legal fees to the point they could not afford any more, the children were taken from their home and put up for adoption. The children were split up and adopted by another family.


A father and son went to a Major League Baseball game. Since it was a hot afternoon people get thirsty. The father inadvertently purchased the son a ‘Mike’s Hard Lemonade” he had went to concession stand and ordered a lemonade. Because he wasn’t someone who drank, he didn’t realize it was an alcoholic beverage. It was an accident, when he realized what it was he took it away and went to complain to the Concession people for giving him an alcoholic beverage. They reported him to the police who in turn reported him to CPS. His child was removed from the home, from both he and his wife. They were both required to acquire Attorney’s to defend them in legal action. Both parents are professionals. The child was put into foster care until the legal case was resolved. This took well over a year, and the legal fee’s were well over $100.000.


A grand mother in another State has paid out thousands of dollars in legal fees in an attempt to gain custody of her grand children that the State had taken from the parents. Rather than just tell her “No, it’s not going to happen” they keep allowing her to pay out coming up with excuse after excuse why she cannot regain custody. The children are living in a foster home with extremely limited contact to their biological Grandmother.


A mother has lost her children to the biological father who is known to have abused the children. She spends all of her earnings on legal fees in an attempt to regain custody, keeping just enough to survive on. It has been 3 years since she has seen her children, yet nothing is being done. More and more fees are paid yet the Courts keep putting it off. The Judge in this case has prevented 47 other mothers from seeing their children in this County, impeachment motions have been filed against the Judge, yet nothing has been done.


A man ran a foster facility backed by a non-profit organization. The group within the facility was near-adult men. The youngest being 16. There was an accusation against the man, the accusation was made against him in particular because of his status. Had anyone else been accused they would have been terminated, the young men wanted to be removed from the program in part because of their age (in one case) the other one was headed to jail because of a 3rd time assaulting the same person.

There is a law from 1974 that states “if you harm one child you will harm all of them”. Because of this law the man was removed from his own home. He is a father of 8 children - 5 adopted, 3 biological. At one time he ran a profitable farm, he also ran a non-profit organization. Due to his not being able to be at the residence he can no longer earn a living. He has spent his entire life savings and continues to pay as much as he can for legal fees. He still hasn’t had his day in Court yet his legal fees continue to mount. His wife must also have an Attorney per the State. He has spent upwards of $25,000 in legal fees in less than a year. Because of the cost one Attorney has dropped out of the cause. The State is trying to remove his children from the home that he no longer resides in with the accusation that the mother is ‘failing to protect’ her children.

The cost continues to mount for them all

Every one of these people had at one time considered themselves within in the ‘middle class’ of life. With enough money to carry them through well into retirement and beyond, or the ability to earn more. Some of them are what would now be termed ‘poor’, one had plenty of opportunities of earning income into retirement age but his reputation has been sullied to the point that he may never be able to earn a decent living.

These family members are questioned as to their ability to even have visits with the children because they cry, get angry at the ‘system’ and will spend their last dime to get or retain custody of these children. They are also forced to see Therapists and have Psych evaluations which also cost more money.

Again let's ask the same question

Now to pose the question. Why is the State preventing the families who want the children from having them, yet those parents who have abused their children and continue to abuse them are allowed to keep them? Is this a failure from CPS? Or is this a ploy to take those who are in the middle class down to the level of the poor? Because of the high cost of Attorney fees and the fact that in these types of cases one MUST have an Attorney in which the State will not provide one, one can literally find themselves in the poor house after being involved in a child custody case. Even after all of this, these people are finding out they will not get custody of these children. Why? Because they have no money.

The money that is used against these people seems to come from a never ending source, our own tax paying pockets.

These 10 different stories come from my little area of the world. How many more similar stories are there?

And yet brought to my attention, one more horror story that isn’t being addressed by CPS. Rather than explain it, I will let the video do it for me. By the title of the video it would appear that they have already been deemed ‘loving parents’ by CPS. By the comments on the video it is determined that the family is poor.

Does anyone care?

Where is the common sense in all of this? I’m beginning to think that it has been lost. The term “In the Best Interest of the Child” is not being followed.

Where are the children in all of this? Are they just dollar signs to our Government? Are they going to be a 'lost' generation? Does anyone even care? Those that do care, what can they do? When your own Government and their agencies turn against you, where do you go?

Is there a Conspiracy Theory? Is this all just smoke and mirrors to break an already broken Nation? Stories like these are rampant. Just turn to your neighbor and ask them what they know or who they know that is going through these very same horrors. Or maybe you are one of 'these people' who are trying to put together some semblance of life with the hope and prayer that CPS doesn't look your way again.

Have you ever been visited by CPS?

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Do you fear this Agency?

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    • alchemie profile image

      Crystal Porphir-Roberts 

      4 years ago from Tulsa, OK

      Almost 30 years ago, CPS took my sister out of our parent's home and put her in foster care but left me there to deal with the aftermath. I've had to go through years of therapy because of it. Physical but mostly emotional & verbal abuse by my late alcoholic father. My late mother was in & out of the house because she was mentally ill. I had to grow up way to fast...

    • Sweetsusieg profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Michigan

      There is so much to CPS these days that most don't know about. Were you aware they there is an 'assessment' sheet that CPS workers have to fill out? It goes on a 'point system' of sorts. If you are a single parent you already have 1 point against you (not married). If there are 2 or more children in the home add yet another point. If there has ever been any issue with drug or alcohol more points. Only one parent working add more and the list goes on and on. If you've ever been called upon before ad a point per time (even if unfounded). Even the age of a parent can earn a point. Each time a call to CPS is made a new assessment is done and the point from the previous time are added to the current.

      For instance you have a neighbor that you have issues with and to be bitter and nasty they call CPS on you, though each time the calls may be unfounded those points still add up. They add to an eventual removal of the children.

      A lot of people aren't aware of the 'risk assessment' sheet that all CPS workers are required to fill out each and every time a complaint is made.

      I feel so bad for the young parents of today, not only are there difficulties in finding gainful employment but just to keep the children they gave birth too has no become a battle. One that I hope all are willing to fight for!

      God Bless and I hope that you are able to get your child back and that they will leave you in peace to raise him.

    • profile image

      Karrie Zimmerman 

      6 years ago

      It amazes me on how much you can beat your child, be heard and seen doing it and nothing gets done. But if someone calls CPS or the police to report an untidy house they will do EVERYTHING to take your child. They don't ask why the house was the way it was just assumes and then passes judgement. To top it off they judge you because of your whole family history, so yet again passes judgement.

      No matter how many times this happens it will continue until someone actually have a big enough voice to tell someone like the President himself how the system is half assed backwards nothing will get done.

      This is my story hopefully we can get enough together to bring it to SOMEONE'S attention. I lost my little boy because of one person passing judgement on me.

    • Sweetsusieg profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Michigan

      This is a very sad story indeed, too many cases of children who are taken from parents who have made mistakes and when they try to clean up their act are continued to be punished.

      We are seeing more and more stories of poor families having their children removed to be given to slightly less poor families then money is given to help them.

      Many of the CPS workers are over burdened and the easiest way out seems to be take the children. It's the most sad situation of all.

      I recently saw the handbook and work sheet of a CPS worker. It is all in the numbers and how they are stacked against a person. If there is only 1 parent, the numbers are automatically there.

      I am so sorry for your situation and hope and pray that something good will come your way! Blessings to you!

    • Tabatha Schillaci profile image

      Tabatha Schillaci 

      6 years ago from Long Beach, California

      i know hw some of the system works because they took 3 of my children an i have been fighting for 4 years for my children.they gave custody of 1 to her dad. my second they r trying to let the foster parent adopt. this foster parent is a alcoholic, calls my family asking for money for my son, teaches him nasty habits, hs had the children removed from her twice n they still allow her to parent. but yet they want to give me a chance to get my youngest 1 back... y not all of them. social worker doesnt call or contact me to let me know what programs i need to do.. all she hs tried to do is c me fail. but yet they still allow her to work. they refuse to let me switch. this system is f&*#ed... im a loving mother that had a past history of drug use but has been clean for 5 years on my own n they just hold it against me.... i need justice....

    • Sweetsusieg profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks for visiting! I certainly will try!

    • sweetguide profile image


      6 years ago from River side

      Very informative piece and well written too. Excellent one on this topic. Keep rocking dear Sweetsusieg

    • Sweetsusieg profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks Jen! Even though I have written this I still want to believe that it couldn't happen (in my heart) yet the evidence points to this being true, so my mind and my heart are at war with each other. There are many CPS workers who are coming forward with statements saying the 'money' issue is true. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it all, I would love to think that this was all 'made up' and a figment of my imagination. As of right now, I don't see that happening.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, the vote up and the sharing!

    • JenJen0703 profile image

      Jennifer McLeod 

      6 years ago from Battle Creek, Michigan

      Nice job, sweetsusieg, I think you hit the nail on the head 100%. It is a shame that society has become what it has. Whatever happened to "it takes a village to raise a child"? Voted up (already shared).


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