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Legally Kidnapped: Myths about CPS and How To Protect Your Family

Updated on February 26, 2015


CPS can take away children from families if they deem appropriate. There doesn't need to be a real reason and they do not need to prove to anyone that they have reasonable cause. All you need is a case worker that dislikes you and they could ruin your family. It is true that CPS workers make bonuses when they get children into the foster system. It is a sick cycle, and I personally suffered through this from bogus allegations but I still was punished. Many states have corrupt CPS systems and many times they will do things to cover themselves, including removing children just in case. I did a lot of research through my ordeal and never knew how easily children can be removed even if you were the best mom you could be.


What To Do When CPS Shows Up

One of the major problems I faced was dealing with CPS when they wanted to investigate. I researched and found many people telling me to not let them in and to protect my amendment rights. While this was a smart tool, it ended up hurting more because then CPS becomes suspicious as if you have something to hide. The best thing to do is to let them investigate but keep them at bay as much as you can. Be polite, and DO YOU NOT TALK. They will twist and turn every word you say, and try to get you to admit to things they can use against you. Talking to CPS is similar to being investigated by the police. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Things that the normal person would not consider neglect or abuse, CPS would. It can be scary and panicking is often a normal reaction. However, you have to protect your children with agreeableness while still being honest and firm.

Trauma from CPS

I know as well as many others the damage CPS can do to families, and especially the children. Many times, parents do not get their children back and even if they do, the families are forever destroyed emotionally. CPS usually does way more harm than good. It is studied that children are 5X more likely to suffer abuse in foster homes than with their natural born family. CPS should be used when it is needed, not for bogus calls. Even if you know it isn't true, you are guilty until proven innocent. Civil court gives you less rights than criminal court.

What To Do If They Remove Your Children

The number one thing to remember is to take it day by day. If you do not, you will likely go crazy and fail. Your children need you and you have to fight for them and make it known you ARE a good parent, and they are wrong! Just because it happened to you, doesn't mean that you deserved it. Sometimes bogus calls go wrong and they try to cover themselves or an investigation just doesn't even happen and they remove for their own protection. This is exactly what happened to me, a bogus call, no investigation, and they just show up and remove causing me to fight for months to get them back when no harm had been done until CPS damaged them for life. Another important thing is to get your own lawyer. Court appointed lawyers do not care for what you want and are often on CPS's side. They also will not work hard for you and only meet a few minutes prior to court. Guilty or not, do everything you are supposed to do in order to get them back. Truth Prevails and after the war is over it will be shown!


Bottom Line Is..

Never Believe CPS Cannot take your children because you are a good parent. They do whatever they want, and the government just goes along with their corruption. It is often the case that children that are abused never get taken while children that are safe get ripped from their families. Always be cautious!


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