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Buy Cheap Breastfeeding Pumps

Updated on March 28, 2011

Cheap Breastfeeding Pumps

Finding good value, cheap breastfeeding pumps that are not low on quality is not impossible. When you consider that, it is all a matter of preference. One woman may spend over $200 but be dissatisfied or she may spend only $30 and be completely happy. It is all down to comfort and that doesn’t depend on the pump but on the woman.

Breastfeeding is vital to the health of your baby and cheap breastfeeding pumps are no different in delivering that goodness than any of the other breast pumps. Mother’s milk contains the essential nutrients that have been specifically created to ensure the healthiest growth as well as strong development of that baby’s immune system. But finding time to breastfeed can be what prevents many women from breastfeeding their babies. In today’s world of working women, many women will only be breastfeeding for up to six months making that the perfect reason to find the best cheap breastfeeding pumps available considering you will only need it for a few months.

Cheap breastfeeding pumps range in price from $30 to $70 and I have included a range of both manual and electric breastfeeding pumps for you to consider. When looking at the cheap breastfeeding pumps you need to think about which ones come with replacements and spares. Cheap breast pumps tend not to come with spares; however, I have found a couple that do come with at least a spare bottle.  

Cheap Breastfeeding Pumps (Manual)

The first in my list of manual, cheap breastfeeding pumps is the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump, which seems to be the better option. They have great user reviews and although not the very cheapest, their price is set at the lower end of the discount range at roughly $30. This breast pump also comes with a spare bottle.

The Ameda One Hand Manual Breast Pump is also another cheap breastfeeding pump that has decent user reviews. They come within the same price range as the Medela Harmony and so it is simply a matter of choosing between the best breast pumps within the range. However, this pump only comes with one bottle (no spares).

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, another great manual pump, which has good user reviews and is one of the only cheap breastfeeding pumps that comes with replacements for many of its components making it an excellent choice for those who plan to use their breast pump long term.

Cheap Breastfeeding Pumps (Electric)

The First Years Natural Comfort Breast Pump Kit is battery operated and comes with a carry case to take around with you. It is cheap, within the same discount price range as many of the manual pumps and so is simply a matter of preference. This pump simulates the natural sucking pattern that would be felt with ordinary breastfeeding, making it a good choice for comfort.

The Medela Single Deluxe Electric Breast Pump is similar to the manual Medela pump in terms of comfort and appearance. Being electric, it is slightly more expensive but it has adjustable suction pressure, which may give it an edge over the cheaper, manual breastfeeding pumps.

The First Years miPump Single Electric Breast Pump is light and portable. Unlike the previous First Years breast pump, this one comes with a stylish tote bag to carry it in. This model can also be bought as a double breast pump for roughly $20 extra.

While you may wish to purchase the cheapest breast pump that you can find on sale, in your search for the best of the cheap breastfeeding pumps the only thing you really need to consider is comfort.


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