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Discount Breast Pumps

Updated on March 28, 2011

Discount Breast Pumps

Some breast pumps can seem a little expensive and if you are anything like me, you will never want a second hand one. Discount breast pumps are a great choice for busy mothers who want the benefits of breastfeeding without breaking the bank. This article takes a look at some of the discount breast pumps on offer.

Discount breast pumps range in price from roughly $10 to $70. Far from having to resort to using second hand pumps, there are discount breast pumps to be found out there, both manual and electric as well as single and double. While the electric breast pumps tend to be more expensive, there are also some cheaper electric pumps for you to consider and they are normally only a little more expensive than the manual ones. The more expensive they are the more accessories you get. Accessories could include extra bottles, shields or bags etc.  

Harmony Breast Pump

Harmony Manual Breast Pump.
Harmony Manual Breast Pump.

You also need to consider breast pump accessories. Many of the discount breast pumps do not come with replacement parts and if you are going to be using your breast pump a lot then maybe that is something to consider. Most cheap breast pumps can be bought with or without accessories and with accessories it’s normally just a few extra dollars. 

So depending on what type of breast pump you are looking for and on what your budget is you may wish to go for the more expensive (but still within discount range) electric breast pumps or you may just want to stick with the cheapest manual breast pumps for now. Either way, both will work to give you what you are looking for. 

Discount Breast Pumps (Manual)

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pumps seem to be the better option. They have great user reviews and although not the very cheapest, their price is set at the lower end of the discount range at roughly $30. This breast pump comes with a spare bottle.

The Ameda One Hand Manual Breast Pump also has great reviews. They are within the same price range as the Medela Harmony and so it is simply a matter of choosing between the best breast pumps within the range. This pump only comes with one bottle.

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, another great manual pump, is not only within the same discount price range as the other ones but also comes with replacements for many of its components making it an excellent choice for those who plan to use their pump a lot.

Discount Breast Pumps (Electric)

The First Years Natural Comfort Breast Pump Kit is battery operated and comes with a carry case to take around with you. It is cheap, within the same discount price range as many of the manual pumps and so is simply a matter of preference. This pump simulates the natural sucking pattern that would be felt with ordinary breastfeeding, making it a good choice for comfort.

The Medela Single Deluxe Electric Breast Pump is similar to the manual Medela pump in terms of comfort and appearance. Being electric, it is slightly more expensive but it has adjustable suction pressure, which may give it an edge over any manual breast pump.

The First Years MiPump Single Electric Breast Pump is light and portable. Unlike the previous First Years breast pump, this one comes with a stylish tote bag to carry it in. This model can also be bought as a double breast pump for roughly $20 extra.

Remember when purchasing your breast pump that not all brands are the same and not all breasts are the same! Some women can withstand a stronger level of suction than others, and in the majority of cases, it is simply a matter of trial and error. Starting out with the cheaper, discount breast pumps allows you to experiment with what suits you best without spending a fortune.


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