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Cheap and Fun Family Weekend Tips

Updated on June 12, 2009

It's weekend time and the whole family is ready to have fun together. Could we still have fun time together in this economic downturn while everything is so expensive and the family has to save the money ? Well, of course, specially in weekend. It's the best time to spend together. So, we have to be more creative. To get the fun, entertaining, but cheap weekend time for the whole family. No matter how big your family is,  just parent and one child or with many children.
Planning one less expensive but fun and entertaining weekend need more efforts but we will be paid off by our family happiness.

Courtesy of KBS
Courtesy of KBS

Here are some suggestion of family weekend tips

  • We can go for bike riding together in the morning. Take some different routes and go to the suburban area. It's healthy, cheap, and fun activity. Bring some food for breakfast while resting.
  • Rent some exciting movies. There's always new movie every week, do not bother go to the theater, just rent them from the library or DVD rental services. Make some popcorns and we can have great movies night for the whole family.

  • Preparing barbeque in the backyard. Don't have to be fancy, just make some chicken barbeque or sandwiches and ask the whole family to get involve in preparing their own barbeque style.
  • Take the family to the nearby zoo. If you have little kids, it's so entertaining to take them to the zoo. Bring your own lunch. It less expensive and the kids could learn about animal lives.
  • Take the family to the park. It's the most favorite thing people would do in the weekend. We can set the picnic lunch in the park and the kids could play and running. Bring some fun sport equipment like ball or freesbee. Bring your dog along too if you have one.
  • Make a small project with the kids like cooking together, craft project or make some recycled papers.
  • Take the family to the museums or make a historical journey in your town. Every town has its local history. Visit historical buildings and venues. The kids could learn the history while having fun of sightseing.
  • Take the family to the nearby pool. Children will love swimming activity in the summer.
  • Play some games like catch, football, or online sports game together.
  • Try exotic foods from China town. It less expensive and give a fun experience. You can also find a website that offer some free dinner or lunch in certain restaurants. Take the family there. You can eating out for free.
  • If your family could play music instrument, play a little concert together. Guitar and harmonica will be just fine with the kids sing along.
  • Cleaning activity can be very amusing if we do it together. Ask the kids to clean their own room while parent may clean the garage or kitchen. Reward the kids after they finish cleaning with great lunch or extra allowance.
  • Go to the church together. It's so wonderful if the whole family can attend the church or religious ceremony together. It will make the bond stronger.

Those just some suggestion activities that you could spend with the whole family. The most important thing is the time we spend together with our family it's priceless.


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