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Building Confidence and Self-Esteem in Your Child

Updated on June 5, 2012

Your children may have set their own targets for achievement. There may be occasions when they fumble in their path to achieve the set target. If, as the parent, you help them to get back on the right track, they will continue their journey to achieve what they want.

In this age of stiff competition in every field, children need support not only during the phase of making choices but for designing their own unique path to work towards achieving their goals. You need not coach them but you have to just hand-hold them as a support and infuse confidence in them. Children are competitive by nature and sometimes, they need only moral support.

In fact, competition is the driving force for the achievements of children. But they should be trained to be mentally strong to face challenges and occasionally defeats also. They should be reassured that failing is not bad at all. There may be a seed of opportunity in failure. You should help them to discover it and work on it. Failure is a process through which they may have to travel to reach their goals.

Failure at a certain point of their journey to success should not end up in sapping their enthusiasm or result in lowering their self esteem. They must be guided properly to outgrow this phase. Parents will do well in showering lots of love on them, while encouraging them to buck up and plunge again in the required process. Perhaps their way of doing things may need a little fine tuning and you can guide them to the right source from which they can get professional support. Parents may also help them in providing the right environment at home so that their job of marching ahead in their journey is made easy.


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