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How to Create a Family Ancestor Connection for Your Children

Updated on September 15, 2012

Ceremonies, traditions and rituals have existed from the beginning of time. It is a way to link to a past that is a part of our family ancestors with who we are today.

Ceremonies do something magical to the participants and observers. There is a perceptible energy that occurs, and a metamorphosis takes place. Ordinary moments become the extraordinary, uniting all involved. The event bonds us to our family ancestors, and helps reaffirm us to those we are connected to. Through these traditions, we gain a better sense of self. Time becomes remarkable, as the memories become forever emblazoned.

Ceremonies mark milestones and give honor to those involved. Ceremonies acknowledge our past, commemorate the moment and shape the future for our children and ourselves.   Traditions, rituals, and ceremonies reflect the personal uniqueness that makes up a family. It reflects our backgrounds and our values. As a family unit, we become empowered through the symbolism and the process of the event. We become connected to our past family ancestors and the future generation of our children.

Traditions and ceremonies are something very special. For children, traditions are especially important. Families reflect on special memories and recollections of shared moments. It helps children know they have a role in the family. It is important for kids to feel that they have an integral part in family accomplishments. Holidays and momentous occasions are a time when people pass down traditions, tell stories, sing songs, cook special recipes, read from sacred writings, light candles, and share these traditions from one generation to the other. Traditions help children anticipate the family customs from year to year and mark the milestones in a family

Celebrating with people who celebrate differently than you do helps your children experience a rich diversity of culture. Through foods, kids also learn about traditions too. It is important to mark life transitions through coming of age ceremonies, achievements, and big and little moments that happen in the family.

Starting new traditions in your family is a great way to have fun, and create bonding moments. Instituting new traditions help alleviate fears by teaching kids what they can anticipate next. he bonds that occur through a new ritual can sometimes make the child feel special and help them feel ecncouraged that they really are special. Traditions can empower someone and help them achieve more. Through traditions, child can gain a sense of purpose of what they are doing, and give them a sense of importance. They learn charity, responsibility, and a community spirit. It is a valuable lesson for children to realize that they too are responsible for caring for others, for partaking in the needs of others or nature. For adults, passing the torch, and handing down the traditions from your family ancestors, enhances these ceremonies and makes the occasion have even greater meaning. Start a new tradition, follow an old one, just bring the tradition into your home and involve your children.

family bonding moments

Traditions are Important for Children

In the ordinary, the extraordinary exists. When you start a tradition, these acts can become meaningful to your family. The activities you do together, the bonding that develops, and the lessons that are imprinted on your child offer a sense of security to them. They look forward to experiencing these customs again. Some traditions can be handed down from your family ancestors, and some can be newly dreamed up by you and your family. Wherever the traditions originated from, they can take on an importance, a sense of pride, and a source of satisfaction for the entire family. Family decisions made together, strenghten the bonds and enhance family support. All theses aspects can make family life more fun. It has been shown that families who work together to enact activities are happier. Making your own tradtions gives you the luxury of creating and initiating activities that fit your family, just the way you are. The result is significant and meaningful customs for your family that will unify and bond you in a deep way. This creates a special strengthening of family relationships and adds to the support you give each other. All of these are positive and good results that yield for happier families.

Create Bonding Experiences

Sit down with your children and talk about creating a family that is a team. The investment you make now will give them a life time of family bonding with you and their own future families. It is important that everyone be part of the new rituals so they feel like a contributor.
Some ideas might be to

  • set aside a special day once a month to do something special together
  • Some families might start to go to religious services once a week together
  • Some families have a special dinner together, maybe with a theme.
  • Some families might spend time watching family videos or looking at pictures to reminisce. Sharing memories create a special warmth with each other.
  • Making nighttime a special event. When it is time to put the kids to bed, it is a very good idea to have a bedtime ritual that you stick with no matter what has happened during the day. This gives your children a sense of security and a feeling of being loved. A bedtime ritual can consist of reading a story together, saying prayers, telling them a story you make up, or any creative time you spend with them before they go off to sleep. Anything you do is great as long as you are spending time with them in a relaxing way. Make sure your child goes off to sleep knowing they are precious to you.
  • Even doing family projects and chores together creates a bonding experience. You want to instill family values that allow for respect for each other, and an envrionment that promotes sharing, cooperation, and involves everyone participating together. This helps teach your children about giving, being generous, and having a good attitude towards others.

Teach Your Children Lessons for a Lifetime

These are lessons that go beyond the family and will help your children be happier people as they get older. Increasing a sense of belonging will help them be better contributors to society. Your children reflect who you are as a family, and the things you instill in them will shape them for a lifetime.

To start a family tradition, think of something festive. Sometimes it can be around a holiday, and sometimes it can be about something you have uniquely created. Research has shown traditions and rituals that exist within the family help create better socially well adjusted people. Bringing your family together, while your children are young will add meaning and fulfillment to your family life. It helps them ask questions about their family ancestors. There is a saying that as a parent, we have to "give our children roots and wings". It is very important for kids to know as much as they can about the history of their family ancestors.  It is an opportunity linking them to a past that is a part of them. New and old family traditions take a lot of work to do. It is an investment that is sure to return many good things for all of you.


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    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 6 years ago

      I have always tried to create some special traditions in our family. Making good memories with our kids helps to give them a legacy that, hopefully generations down the road will follow too.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      What a great Family Guy photo to use! I would not mind being related to that dog - Brian. Traditions are so important for our children. I think of all the family reunions I had and the wild game days and theme meals - and now to see my grown children doing it - I don't have to do anything but show up - and they do it all so well. What a pleasure.

      Then I realized my parents were the same - we had our games and family gatherings and on and on. What a legacy we leave when we give out children some traditions.

      Such a lovely hub. Thanks a million. I feel so good now!

      Rated up!

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      As I get older I realize the truth of what you say. Our family has never been too big on traditions so I never carried any on. I regret that.

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 6 years ago

      This is really cool.

      Voted Up!