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Dad's Gift of Hope; My Jubilee

Updated on July 18, 2015
2010 Tabernacle Garden
2010 Tabernacle Garden

The Tabernacle Garden

In 2010, I planted a vegetable garden. I called it my Tabernacle Garden; it was a tribute to the upcoming Biblical Holy Days. I built a little structure to harbor sweet peas; it represented a sukkah, and around the base of the structure I used bark to fill in the area that I had dug into the ground in the shape of the Hebrew letter Reysh; in honor of Rosh Hashanah. It was a project that had a great deal of meaning to me, and my mom could hardly wait for the vegetables to grow.

Dad's Garden Book

It wasn’t very long after I had finished getting the garden planted that I was rummaging through a storage closet in our garage looking for my dad’s old cookbooks. Amongst his books I found his Sunset Western Garden Book. I didn’t even know my dad enjoyed working in the yard all that much, but I was happy, none-the-less, to have found his garden book, it was just what I needed now that I had planted my very own vegetable garden.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect situation than to have found something of dad’s that was just what I needed, because my dad had the unique ability to know exactly what I needed, even before I knew that I needed it. When I was age eighteen, dad bought me a Miss Clairol Hairsetter (Hot roller set). Little did he know that what he was giving me all those years ago, would be something that I would still be using thirty-eight years later at age fifty-six, and will continue to use until the day that one of us (the hair setter or me) poops out. Likewise, the garden book is something that I’ll keep forever. Its use is timeless, and I will always cherish it because it was my dad’s, but what I found inside when I opened the book, took dad’s intuitiveness to a whole new level.

Dad's Reysh-like Clipping
Dad's Reysh-like Clipping
My Garden Reysh - Pictured upside down compared to Dad's Reysh-like Clipping
My Garden Reysh - Pictured upside down compared to Dad's Reysh-like Clipping

The Newspaper Clipping

When I opened up the book the first thing that I noticed was that my dad had written his name and our address on the front page. So there was no doubt that it was his book. Tucked away neatly between the next few pages was a folded up newspaper clipping that my dad apparently cut out of our local paper. The day and date on the clipping was Saturday, July 18, 1964, which translates to the most tragic day on the Hebrew calendar; 9 Av (5724/1964), but being it was the Sabbath, the fast would be recognized the following day.

As soon as I opened up the article I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My dad had clipped the article out in a shape very similar to the Hebrew letter Reysh; the same letter that I had added to my Tabernacle Garden just weeks before. I was dumbfounded.

Hebrew Letter Reysh
Hebrew Letter Reysh | Source

Finding something like that within weeks of my garden being put in was as if my dad had done something in 1964 that would confirm what I would do forty-six years later in 2010. Dad had no idea when he cut out that article from the newspaper and placed it in his garden book for safekeeping that many years later, his daughter would plant a garden and add a symbol of something that was very similar to the shape that he had cut the newspaper article in.

I was not supposed to find dad’s garden book and clipping until after I had planted my Tabernacle Garden, because had I of found his things before I planted the garden, there would have been no confirmation of anything. Had I not planted a garden in the first place, I wouldn’t even have found his garden book, as I only found it because I was looking for my dad’s recipe books to see if they had any good recipes that would include some of the veggies I was growing. Everything happened in the order that it was supposed to.

Year of Jubilee 2014

I was only six and a half years old back in 1964 when my dad cut that article from the newspaper. It is now January of 2014, and I’m in the fiftieth year leading up to the Jubilee (50) anniversary of July 18, 1964 - 2014. In 2010, dad’s garden book played an important role of being confirmation about something that was a part of my life at that very time; and what was going on in my life at that very time confirmed that I was to be the recipient of dad’s book. I think the events that took place in 2010, as meaningful as they were to me and remain so to this day; were a pre-cursor of something still to come. I’ve had some things happen in the passed few months that have been a little hard to explain.

Maybe the simple action of my dad cutting that article out of the paper almost fifty years ago was the beginning of what would become a type of “Jubilee” (Release) in my life. I realize that what could come to pass may not be the release that I’ve longed for, but the hope and anticipation of Jubilee, is freedom in itself; and what better person to be used to initiate such a gift of hope; than my precious dad?

Final Thought

My dad passed away twenty-six years ago. He would be thrilled to know that the things he did in his life continue to be of help to me even though he is gone. I haven’t got a clue of what’s going to happen in the next seven months or so, but I do know this; ever since I found my dad’s garden book and the Reysh-shaped newspaper clipping, I have felt a sense of hope and assurance that everything is going to be okay. I'm so very thankful that my dad made it so easy for God to work through!

A Happier Me

One Year Later - July 18, 2015

One year has passed since my Jubilee Year began on July 18, 2014. This has truly been a year of Jubilee freedom. My year of freedom started with getting a new job working weekend events at the local fairgrounds; I love the work and the people I work with.

In October I told my husband that I wanted a divorce; it was twenty-seven years coming and was final this past May 4th, 2015. My ex-husband and I get along better now that we’re divorced than when we were married.

I moved out of the house at the end of January to a rental home one third the size of my great big, old house. I am so happy and comfortable in my smaller surroundings, and as of just a few days ago, the great big, old house has a perspective buyer, so the house is almost a thing of the past.

Last week my son and I were given an opportunity to do business with a client who could take our janitorial service to a much higher level of income. We won’t be rich by any means, but we won’t be living at the poverty level any longer either.

It’s been an amazing year of changes, and back in 2010 I knew this year was coming, because of what I discovered that my dad did fifty years ago, in 1964. What my dad started on July 18, 1964, came to fruition beginning last year on the same date, and over the course of a year, has changed my life completely.

I believe in fate, and I also believe that people are given second chances in life. I have been given a second chance at a better and happier life. Though my Jubilee year has now come to an end, a brighter future is just beginning.


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