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Double Pushchair

Updated on October 14, 2009

Double Pushchair Quiz

How well do you know your double pushchairs? Unless you have an enormous family probably not very well. The chances are you are struggling to find the best double pushchair for your needs. Well help is at hand with this lighthearted quiz that will test your knowledge of some of the more important aspects of choosing a pushchair. If you’ve already got one then I expect you to score full marks. If you’re new to all is then don’t be too hard on yourself, see it more as an education in preparing you for the new purchase. Don’t forget to answer truthfull and no peeking at the answers!

Ok here we go.

Maclaren Double Pushchair

Question 1

You live in a city, look after your kids full time and will be using your double pushchair more or less 24/7. Do you…

a) Buy a twin pushchair?
b) Buy a tandem pushchair?
c) Buy the best looking pushchair to look as hip as possible?

Answer –

Well I would answer b). Answering a) or c) isn’t completely wrong but you might regret not putting practical matters before everything else. Having a tandem pushchair where one child sits in front of the other will make you more stream line and this could be a life saver over time if you are constantly navigating busy streets and shops. If you want to be getting in everybody's way or constantly knocking against doorways and shop displays then by all means get a twin pushchair, I’m sure you can stand it for 3 or 4 years!

And if you answered c) then you are a fashion victim, which is a shame as it’s very hard to stay fashionable with baby mess over you and the pushchair. After a few weeks your double pushchair will probably look like it’s been in a war zone so why not face facts, practicality rules. FYI if you want a tandem model that also looks cool then a Jane double pushchair could be right for you.

Question 2

You’re a practical person and want to buy the best pushchair to suit your lifestyle. When looking through the models available do you…

a)    Measure up the boot of your car?
b)    Measure up the width of your front door?
c)    Measure up the area where you will be storing the pushchair?

Answer –

The answer is… all three. Yes that question was to keep you on your toes. Think about ALL the places you will need to take this buggy. Every time you leave or enter the house you’ll need to take it with you. Unless you live in a grand mansion this could mean folding or unfolding the pushchair each time. If you’ve a small apartment you might need to store it away as well.

Drive a car? Of course you do. Are you going to be struggling every time you want to place the chair in the trunk, have you misjudged the size and bought yourself a puschair that doesn’t even fit? Don’t ignore the basics, go through all the places you will regularly be and choose the right sized model accordingly.

Question 3

You’re a conscientious parent and want then best for your kids. When researching the right double pushchair buggy do you…

a)    Go straight to a shop that stocks a Phil and Teds double pushchair… they’re just so cool and I have to have one?
b)    Decide that price is the deciding factor and just look at any old model as long as it’s a cheap double pushchair?
c)    Get a shortlist together of the chairs you like and can afford and then double check that they meet industry safety standards.


Come on guys, keep up, the answer is c). By the by Phil and Teds double pushchairs are great but the point I’m making is be responsible. Consider the safety feature that you would want if you were being flung about in this double stroller and buy accordingly. This is one reason you might want to buy new rather than cheap or second hand. Second hand is fine as long as you know the strollers history and it’s made by a highly respected manufacturer. Basically think of your pushchair as a very lightweight car for your kids and buy accordingly. I certainly wouldn’t be skimping on the cost unless I was only going to use the pushchair occasionally and for relaxing calm walks around my local park.

OK, so how did you do. I hope you double pushchair owners got everything right. And for anyone who didn’t do as well as they would have liked… well now you know.


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    • profile image

      Double Pushchairs 8 years ago

      A good little quiz! I think a lot of people do get sucked into buying the hippest pushchair around. This may wow the other mums at the baby groups, but the hippest isn't necessarily the most practical!

      You will be using the pushchair almost every day for more than a year so fashion although important shouldn't be the main factor.

    • David Ford profile image

      David Ford 8 years ago

      What can I tell you Clara, I'm just a big kid! :-)

    • Clara Ghomes profile image

      Clara Ghomes 8 years ago


      your hub is good but i think it is for children only. hi hi hi. but anyway it is very informative. good keep it up.