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Essentials Every Mom Should Carry in Her Purse

Updated on March 13, 2011

Put these on your shopping list...

I can't tell you how many times I have been caught without one of these items when I needed it. Alas, it's the curse of a mom to think of these essentials, because god knows your husband won't...haha. Besides, he doesn't carry a purse, and there is nothing wrong with being prepared. Plus, you will forever be revered as the all knowing super mom that you are. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Ok, so maybe you won't get appreciated the way you should, but being under appreciated is part of the job description. The following items are essentials that I have learned to keep in my purse through experience.


What You Need...

1. Snacks. The choices are limitless; trail mix, crackers, cheerios, raisins, etc. When you are dragging your kids around, running errands, not only will snacks give you some peace and quiet, those little tummies will be happy and your kids will have the energy to run around with you.

2. Chap stick or lip balm. Dry or chapped lips are just uncomfortable, for you and your children, best to have some of this in your bag.

3. Water or Juice. That's right, liquid refreshment. Nothing worse then getting dehydrated when your and your kids are out and about. It's nice to have it on hand, it'll save you a pit stop to a drive through.

4. Tissues. Children are constantly plagued with runny noses, and sometimes they like to pick them...yuck. Set the example, carry tissues in your bag and avoid being embarrassed by your little snot faces.

5. Baby wipes. Not just for wiping bums! Fact: kids are messy. Whether they are eating or playing at the park, sometimes you need a quick fix for dirty hands and faces. Keep these in a travel case or plastic sandwich bag and you are ready for an unexpected clean up.

6. Tide or Oxy Pen. Stains, they happen all the time, treat them instantly. The Tide Pen has saved my clothes several times.

7. Notepad with crayons. Not only can you use it to jot down your thoughts in an instant, if boredom strikes, you're armed. Ever been in a doctor's waiting room and your kids are driving you nuts? This can solve that.

8. Hand sanitizer. Don't leave home without it. In a snap, you can eliminate the evil bacteria that threatens the health of you and your children.

9. A cell phone. Just in case of an emergency. Life can throw you some serious curve balls, even if you don't feel you need one, I would recommend one (even a pay as you go) for those unexpected incidents.

10. Sunglasses. It keeps the sun out of your eyes, covers dark circles, and can make you look more put together on those no makeup days.

Finally, you're probably going to need a large purse to carry everything, but it's well worth it.  You can also get a purse organizer to help you keep everything neat and at your fingertips.


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