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Updated on July 12, 2015

If you are considered "Far out" than you know that you're "In"

If you're a bit overweight some may call you "Slim"

You know it's "Hot" when I tell you that it's "Cool"

C'mon now~where'd you go to school?

Didn't you know that it's good to be bad

In a pitted fruit is a seed to be had?

If I were to resign would I give up and go?

Or would I sign on again, gosh, I don't know

Contronyms, Janus or slang~confusing words at best

and ones I must always have in mind to keep up with the rest

So I don't "dollop" too much, too little or none

and to know when "Bolt" means to secure and when I'm s'posed to run !


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