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Full circle from diapers to diapers

Updated on August 13, 2015
Boy Gilbertson born 1949
Boy Gilbertson born 1949 | Source

There is no better place to start than at the beginning.

In Duluth Minnesota in April 1949 A lot babies were born, I just happened to be one of those cute little bundles of joy. I really don't remember much about about the first few days in life as most of you.

My personal story is only to bring awareness to young children and young parents who may just get frustrated in their children because of repeating nightly bed wetting.

After a short stay in St Mary's Hospital I was sent home with my mother. There's no big story here I wet the bed like every other kid and worst. Shortly after getting settled in to my new ghetto apartment and fighting to keep women from kissing me so much, I guess I got a little sick so I have been told.

My first memory of looking at the long scare on my stomach and trying to figuring out why I had one and the other kids didn't. I remember I was about five years old and making up stories about the scare, after all no one has told me anything yet.

I'm still wetting the bed, I'm in the first grade now and every day I had to remove the wet sheets from the bed and take them to the sink in the kitchen. I guess my Ma washed them in the same sink where she washed dishes because we had no washing machine that I can remember.

Some mornings I had to go to school still wet because we had very little hot water to put in the tub unless it was heated up first in a tea kettle and that took some time. I never remember being embarrassed or anything like that I just thought that was the way it was. It wasn't until I was older probably around ten years old or so that people around me were really getting a little angry because I still wet the bed almost every night. I was washing out my own sheets by now and hanging them on a close line in the cold or rain it didn't make much difference.

At age 13 on a very dark night April 29, 1963 I was with a friend trying to get the car I was driving out of the ditch on hwy 301 in Tampa,Florida where we lived by then. I'll try to catch you up just a little, we moved to Tampa around 1953 in tow my my mother trying to get away from my Dad. We hopped an old Greyhound bus and had to ride 1800 miles on back roads until one morning we had arrived in downtown Tampa at the bus station.

Ok that close enough me and a neighbor friend were trying to get my mothers old 1950 Mercury that I had run into a ditch . We had his dad's old tractor and were heading for the car south bound on Hwy 301 about a mile from the old 301 truck stop. I was holding a flash light light pointing backwards towards any cars that might be coming and that's all I remember about that.

Two weeks later I woke up in the Tampa General Hospital on Davis Island with a brain concussion and many other bumps and cuts. A drunk driver had hit us I guess he just didn't see my flashlight. Now of course I wet the bed in the hospital it was just normal for me but this behaviour was getting real old by now.

I guess still wetting the bed in Jr high school was pushing it it even for me. Ma and I took a trip up to Duluth again to see my sister Janet and the kids. I guess you know by now that I wet the bed, well my sister wasn't to pleased that a 14 year old boy was still wetting the bed and I had a pretty hard road to travel. What I didn't know was that Ma was panning me off on my real dad who had gotten remarried and lived in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

After a short introduction and a grace period with my new step mother Elsi, she soon became very impatient as well. I was sleeping in a basement room that my dad put together for me after my step brother complained a little to much. I really had a hard time trying not wet the bed I would tie a string around the little boy, attach a balloon on it and various other homemade treatments with negative results as well.

When I was dating my first wife I remember the first time we had a sleep over I stayed awake all night this was in 1970, I was now 21 years old and one of the oldest bed wetter ever know to man kind so I thought. This was now really making me mad I had no control over it what so ever. We didn't stay married that long not because I wet the bed but she just seemed to want to stay out late at night and not with me.

I don't really remember the very moment I quiet wetting the bed only that I was a deputy sheriff now and my life was getting more positive. I married my wife of today in 1981 and really never had that problem again.

And after several years of thinking I was just lazy and being no-account by relatives, I learned of others that suffered from the same problem. I have included medical excerpts from leading doctors and not in my words but evidence of what was once depressing and very instrumental in my growth as a young man.

Now I Guess after a Kidney transplant and Bladder infection I may be in the same boat again , but this time it was a life saving and an explanation I can live with.

Please learn about adolescent bed wetting and some of the causes.

Child Abuse Statistics and Symptoms

Each year in the United States, more than 3 million cases of child abuse are reported, with sexual abuse accounting for 8 percent of cases, according to Childhelp, a leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that studies show up to one in four girls and one in eight boys are sexually abused by age 18. Besides secondary bed wetting, other signs of sexual abuse include fearful behavior, abdominal or genital pain, urinary tract infection, or inappropriate sexual behavior.

Getting Help

If your child has a bed wetting problem, consult your pediatrician. He will perform an exam to determine if there is a physical cause and recommend appropriate treatment options. Your pediatrician will also be able to look for signs of possible abuse and report suspected cases to the appropriate authorities so that you and your child receive the help you need. Most importantly, take action immediately to ensure the health and safety of your child.

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