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Getting a Baby to Sleep in the Crib without Crying

Updated on May 4, 2016

A Baby Sleeping Peacefully = Happy Parents!

Public Domain Images from
Public Domain Images from

It can be a difficult task getting a baby to sleep in the crib without crying. It is also unbearable to hear your little angel crying out loud as they beg you to cuddle and hold them close. Most parents try to use the `cry it out method’ when they sleep train their young ones. If their little ones starts crying when they lay them to their crib they ignore them and go outside the room trying their best not to give in to their poor little angel. Instead of building trust and teaching them to sleep on their own, you are actually risking the possibility of losing their trust which will later make it more difficult to teach them good sleeping habits.

There are some good alternatives aside from insensitively ignoring your crying little angel. You can start by conditioning them to get accustomed to their crib. It would be a good idea to play with them while they are in their crib or if they start to feel sleepy put them inside the crib so that they can get used to sleeping on their own.

Establishing a routine at bedtime is an important step in helping your baby to drop off to sleep easily. Reading, reciting nursery rhymes or singing to your baby is a good start - even if she cannot understand, the sound of your voice will be comforting.

The Main Reasons Behind Baby Sleep Problems

Noone Likes to See Their Baby Cry

Babies cry for a certain reason. Since they can't communicate with us any other way, we have to try to find out why. It could be they are wet, hungry, have gas and need a back rub or burp, need to feel warm and comfortable, or are too warm.
Babies cry for a certain reason. Since they can't communicate with us any other way, we have to try to find out why. It could be they are wet, hungry, have gas and need a back rub or burp, need to feel warm and comfortable, or are too warm.

Prevent Crying

You can prevent crying by gently rubbing their back or calmly telling them that they do not have to be afraid since you will be there to look after them. A reassuring voice of their mother greatly helps to get them accustomed to sleeping in their crib.

If they feel comfortable sleeping with your presence, start by placing the crib on your bedroom the first few weeks in order to help them get used to the idea while avoiding struggles and continuous crying. Seeing you around gives them the assurance that everything will be alright. If playing a soothing music helps to calm them make sure to start playing the music before you put them inside the crib.

Also, helping your baby to get familiar with common bedtime rituals will easily prepare them for a good nights rest. You can give them a warm bath before putting them to sleep or perhaps provide them with a soothing massage to ease and relax tensed muscle as you slowly put them inside the crib. Conditioning is essential in getting a baby to sleep in the crib without crying.

Baby Sleep Sheep

Baby Soothing Sound Machine Sleep Sheep Unique Baby Shower Gift
Baby Soothing Sound Machine Sleep Sheep Unique Baby Shower Gift

A sleep sheep can help lull your baby to sleep by playing soothing sounds. This is the girly pink model but it is also available in baby blue - click on the link to see more.


Sleep Time Mobile

Vtech Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile,White
Vtech Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile,White

The V Tech Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile can help your baby to go off to sleep. This model is designed to grow with your child as they grow from an infant into a toddler. Your baby can watch and listen to the colorful ocean creatures twirl on the electronic mobile with peaceful music and the mobile projects an image onto the ceiling. Convertible to a crib toy and projector as your child grows.


Baby in Crib

Your Baby Will Fall Asleep

Providing them with a comfortable sleeping space can also help you to easily transition them to sleep in their cribs. It takes some time before they get used to the idea but with patience and perseverance you can surely work it out. Make sure that they have already manifested sleeping cues before you lay them in their crib.

Babies tend to cry when they are forced to sleep therefore while you are training them, avoid rushing them to fall asleep. This is a good technique to prevent them from crying once you have tucked them in their crib. You should also ensure that they are comfortably sleeping with ease by changing their diapers before they go to sleep, providing a dust-free nursery to avoid nasal congestion and securing a peaceful atmosphere. A baby sleeping calmly and peacefully in a crib is something every parent would definitely love to see.

Baby Crying - Your Comments

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  • Newdad0610 profile image


    7 years ago

    Great Baby hubs!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I though I tried everything with my little girl. Then one day, i put on classical music and she went to sleep quickly...

  • csd1509 profile image


    8 years ago

    good information definitly gonna try some ideas out.

  • jazzuboo profile image


    9 years ago from Queensland, Australia

    Some great information here. It can be really hard for new parents who have a baby that is unsettled during the night, and there seems to be little support out there. You're expected to just know how to handle these situations, and sometimes it's not that easy.

  • Lady_E profile image


    9 years ago from London, UK

    Very Useful info. Maybe you could put it in a booklet and give it to new mums in a hospital near you (at a very low price). Just a thought..... Every new mum and Dad needs this info.


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