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Gift Ideas for Boyfriends of 6 Months or Less

Updated on December 3, 2014
No, don't give him a razor!!
No, don't give him a razor!! | Source

How to Choose the Ideal Gift for your Boyfriend

Well, even though it would be awesome for you girls to have a small list of presents that would be sure-shots for us guys - that list doesn't exist.

I regret to inform you that boys aren't as simple as you like to say we are, and that we too have personalities. Luckily for you I am a male and I am a boyfriend so I'll help you out in this moment of need.

I've divided the Boyfriends into three groups so you can probe around and decide in which group your boyfriend fits.

The Sensitive Boyfriend: He loves to feel important to you, he loves it when you spoil him and when you take care of him. He even loves when you scold him for some of his flaws and his dream is to be with you... forever.

The Practical Boyfriend: He isn't very fond of soft acts and he feels uncomfortable sharing love and his feelings. He can be a bit of a prick sometimes but you know he loves you and he would rather die than to let anything happen to you.

The Moderate Boyfriend: He isn't as soft as the sensitive boyfriend, yet he has no trouble expressing his feelings. He is a more moderate type of person than the previous two examples.


Gift Ideas for the Sensitive Boyfriend

What you have to do for this type of boyfriend is showing he means the world to you and that you simply couldn't live without him.

He will love everything you give him if he sees you invested effort and love in it, so you can handcraft a present for him with no risk - even if it turns out to be a failed project he will love you for the fact that you tried.

I'm going to give out three gift ideas for this kind of boyfriend;

  • Craft him something: A necklace with a pendant that says something about you both or your relationship, a photo scrapbook with lots of love in it, a bracelet with your name - something that shows him you care.
  • Bake him the Birthday Cake: Bake the cake for him, sensitive boyfriends love it when girlfriends care for them, so he will feel not only special but pampered too. If you can, decorate the cake with something that he loves, like the R2D2 droid from Star Wars or something.
  • Burn him a CD: This has to be done with time, as your relationship time is still short you probably have to get videos so start filming him or you both every once in a while. Burn those videos, some pictures and your favorite make out songs on a cd and if you can make a case for the CD as well.

Summing up: Show you care and pamper him like if he was the single best thing in the world. He will feel special and thank you accordingly.


Gift Ideas for the Practical Boyfriend

If you have the type of boyfriend that would burst to laughter if he saw a mix CD and that doesn't feel comfortable sharing his feelings you need to take a different approach.

Normally, boyfriends of these type are very down to earth so they are into Sports, Cars or something like that. Either way, what you have to do is acting accordingly to his taste.

I'm giving you three ideas:

  • Clothes: As these guys are very down to earth, they normally don't go out to buy clothes, so he might actually be thankful that you did that for him, and he will wear what you offer him with pride. Careful though, there are some guys who hate getting clothes so try to discover if your boyfriend is one of those.
  • Something he can use: Give him some kind of tool he can use in his hobby. A Baseball Bat, a Fishing Rod, a Sound System, something he can actually use. He will be surprised and thinking: "Wow, I can't believe I have a girlfriend that actually gave me this".
  • A Leather Bracelet or... : ...Something he can show off that makes people who usually hang out with them ask about it - he can then say proudly that it was a gift from his girl. Guys with new girlfriends love to advertise it, make sure you take advantage of it.

Bottom line is: Give him something that surprises him. He was expecting something sentimental, give him something he can brag about.


Gift Ideas for the Moderate Boyfriend

So you can't say this type of boyfriend is totally sensitive or downright practical - so you better play it safe.

In my article about gift ideas for girlfriends, which you can check here, I stated that the best strategy for moderate personalities is to get something you can both do together, so, here are three ideas for the Moderate Type Boyfriend:

  • A Weekend getaway: I mentioned this one in my other article but this one works for boys as well. You know he loves to hang out with you and one of the best things you can give him is time, with you, with the right to spend the night together too.
  • Concert Tickets: If a band he loves is in your country, buy two tickets for their concert and find a creative way to give them to your boyfriend. He would love to share that experience with you.
  • Electronic Device: "Boys and Toys", this one violates the law of the "do it together" presents, but electronic devices are something guys love. Just choose one you see he'll like.

So, find out something you and him can do together - something he always speaks about is a plus. If you can't find the right event, place to go and so on: Buy an electronic device, I can't say it enough (Remember: Boys and Toys)


A Man's Last Tip

Men are not simple minded creatures, but they aren't rocket science either.

I know you are dating for a short while but you can still get to know his likes and dislikes pretty well if you make an effort.

Try to get a grip on what he likes and then act accordingly by matching his likes to his character.

Bonus Tip: Don't just wrap the present up, find a creative and original way to give it!

Extra Bonus Tip: Hop on to BuyMenStuff or another man related shop for some gifting ideas!

Some condensed tips

Sensitive Type
Moderate Type
Practical Type
Craft him something
Electronic Device
A Leather Bracelet
Burn him a CD
Concert Tickets
A Sports Accessory
Bake him the birthday cake
Weekend Getaway

How to Come Up with Great Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Let's see where we stand

What kind of Boyfriend do you have?

See results

Bonus Idea: Here are the latest games!


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