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Good News for Pro-Lifers!

Updated on March 8, 2017

Pro-Life News from Gutmacher Institute

In an article from the Guttmacher Institute, teenage pregnancies and abortions are on the decline. This article was published in May of 2014. Wonderful news for the pro-life community and for anyone who thinks that a baby is a person before birth as well as after being born. This is the best news that I have read recently. I may be getting the information a little late but it is wonderful news. So I wanted to share this with everyone. I have provided the link below for anyone who wants to read the article. While I'm rejoicing, there is still work that needs to be done. The Washington Post explains that while teenage pregnancies are on the decline, the U.S. is still high compared to other nations. We are doing better but more needs to be done. Education for teens at home is a good place to start.

One thing in the article that is attributed to the decline is the use of contraceptives. Let's take a closer look at this. While this may play a role to some degree the article is not sure of the decline being attributed to this. As it states "the likely reason is...". This is what they think is the most likely reason. However, there has been a lot on the side of pro-lifers that we must give credit where credit is due. Are teenagers really in the habit of using contraceptives? Or are more and more teens choosing to abstain from sex until they are married? Obama wants to eliminate funding for abstinence. How will this impact our nation of teens that need to know about abstinence? We can do more with more education not less. If Obama eliminates funding for this extremely important program than what will our children do? Will the rates of abortion increase, or sexually transmitted diseases become more rampant? In reality, that could very well be the case. Pray that the programs that involve teaching about abstinence will be funded and that Obama won't get his way about it. Our president is pro-choice. This hinders our efforts to some degree. However, on a local level, we can do much more. After all we are in charge of our children and how they are raised. We can teach them diligently about the good things. Abstinence is a good thing.

Are teens able to accept more responsibility?

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Family Input!

Hey moms and dads, let's be more proactive in our approach to our children. We can be such an important influence in our children's lives. The more that we can impact them in positive ways while they are at home is a huge benefit. Teens want us to be there for them but not to rule every aspect of their lives without end. They need us to give them guidance in every area but also allow them some room to breathe while they figure out their lives. Everything is new and it is hard for parents and for teens to get a hold on things knowing that their son or daughter will be an adult soon. Parents only want their children to learn to make good decisions. So the struggle goes on but parents can help so much sometimes by just first observing and then objectively giving input at times when it is needed the most. It is a very difficult time. Families need to stay strong in difficult times. Come together at meal times, let your teen(s) know that you love them and that they can come to you with anything. Easier said than done. Another thing is to not to let the school system teach your children about abstinence because they won't do that. They teach only contraception. Planned Parenthood has influenced the school system and how our kids are taught about the issue of abstinence vs. contraception. It is best to teach them at home. Deuteronomy 6:7.

Talking To Your Teen
Getting Your Teen To Talk To You
Setting Good Examples
When your teen looks down
Help them to open up to you by offering your ear if they need
Do the right thing always
Light conversation at dinner
Be objective and helpful
Live the way you teach your children to live
Just to let them know that you love them
Put their needs ahead of your own
Plan ahead for a bright future

Roe v Wade (Norma)

More Good News!

In the video to the right, Norma confesses that Roe v Wade is a wrong ruling. It is important to note that she became pro-life.

The Courier has reported that the abortion rate in the United States has been its lowest since Roe v Wade in 1973. This is very good news also. More and more I have to believe that it is going back to Biblical principals. Sex outside of marriage usually brings bad things and condoms are not the answer. Diseases are difficult to avoid if we are engaging in sexual activity. The article also states that the decline could be due to the fact that abortions are viewed as morally wrong, a quote by the senior editor at the Atlantic. The Gallup Poll shows that 51% of Americans view abortions as morally wrong. Abortion rates vary among the different groups of people. Whites, Hispanics and Blacks. Interestingly, the abortions among these groups are from unmarried individuals. Given this information, we can now say that the fight to end abortions using Biblical principals is the best way to end abortion in America and worldwide.

Writer's Choice

Babies are beautiful and babies are a precious gift. While we are on this earth we need to recognize that they are gifts from our Heavenly Father. They are special on many levels. First, they are a part of us. Second, they look to us for everything they need. Third, they love us and we can love them back. Actually the third one should be first. These are not in order but they are very important and we can make a bigger difference than we think. Just some food for thought.

The Drawback, RU-486

The one thing that I don't understand is why do women take the pill RU-486? This pill makes a woman sick because of what it is designed to do. We can't take a drug that is designed to destroy life and put it into our bodies without knowing what it will do to us. It is unbelievable that women take this chance. Do they know what the side effects are? Maybe or maybe not. Drugs like this should be taken off of the market because it is not a good means of avoiding pregnancy. They also can stay in your system longer than you think. Don't even think about getting pregnant again for a good long while, so that you don't have problems when you do want to get pregnant. It might hurt your baby. We should not be able to pick and choose what baby we want to keep. What if you were the baby that your mother did not want? Don't forget that babies grow up and become adults. Then they may decide whether or not to take care of us parents in our old age. This seems to be what society has already come to with so many of us that are now in nursing homes. So all the more reason to make the choice for life. We live in a throwaway society. Let's not include our children in it. To learn more there is a link in the summary section that will give you more information.

In Summary

Keep in mind that our fight against abortion seems like it is never ending. However, if we keep striving to win the hearts and minds of everyone around us this battle can be won. I'm glad that we are heading toward a more pro-life view in America. I pray that it will continue.

The pill RU-486 is designed to stop life from happening. The long term effects of this pill is unknown at the present time. Correct me if I'm wrong. The short term effects are extremely dangerous. If we know this then we should never ingest this pill or anything this dangerous. Breast cancer is one of the short term effects among many other life threatening side effects. The health of your baby and also yourself is most important. Don't take life away from your baby or harm yourself.

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    • Pregnancypromise profile image

      Pregnancypromise 10 months ago

      I hope people everywhere become aware that prolife means the baby wins. The mother should protect her unborn baby.