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4 Ways to Stop Bullying

Updated on December 29, 2016

Beat a Bully without Using your Fists! Featured and produced by

The Absolute Best Solutions to End Bullying

A world without bullies is possible and will exist in the future. In order for that to happen we must become anti bullying. Such things as #cyber bullying can no longer exist. The first solution is:

  • (1) The kingdom Jesus Christ taught us to pray for at Matthew 6:10 ask that, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven," The Holy Bible Revised Standard Version. Within that #kingdom there will be no room for bullies. What is bullying? Consider the definition of a bully based on Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, "one habitually cruel to others weaker than himself: to treat abusively: to use browbeating language or behavior." When we contemplate those definitions carefully, there are strong words such as, "cruel," which the same dictionary explains as, "disposed to inflict pain or suffering: devoid of humane feelings." When a person exhibit these characteristics, they become inhumane or not human. Another strong word within the definition of a bully is, "abusively." It is defined as, "to attack in words: physically injurious: to use so as to injure or damage: corrupt." What a realistic view of a person who bullies others. They become inhumane and hurtful toward those who are weaker. A person demonstrating these qualities cannot possibly be a part of that kingdom because #violence and abuse will not be a part of that future kingdom. Anyone demonstrating these qualities will not be there. Remember what Psalms 11:5 states about how Almighty God feels about violence, "his soul hates him that loves #violence." What a wonderful time that will be. Imagine a world without bullies. Yes, it is possible in that future kingdom that Jesus taught us to pray for.

Each of us have a strong desire to love rather than hate because we are made in God's image. In order to #eliminate bullying consider these steps:

  • (2) We must demonstrate love rather than hate. Criticizing and abusing others simply because we may be more powerful than they are is a normal characteristic of a bully. Think about it. There are different types of #bullies. Whether we are a husband, wife, religious instructor, child in the school yard or employer. When we use our power or position to keep others down this is a form of bullying. No matter how we try to explain it to the victim and dress it up as concern, we are aware of our intentions which is to discourage or keep others beneath you. This type of bullying is so easy to do without the one demonstrating the aggressive behavior acknowledging it. The victim feels the pain and is helpless, while the bully continues on to its next victim. Clearly human like qualities such as love and concern for their victims do not exist. The bully wants to have things their way and nothing else matters. Acknowledging these damaging traits by sincerely apologizing to your victim, can eliminate such traits as bullying.

The next suggestion to end bullying is:

  • (3) if each of us as humans considered prayerfully the feelings of others, we could stop bullying now. #Bullying prevention is vital for mankind's survival. When bullies complete their vicious acts toward others, they do not think about the damage caused in that individual's life. The victim of a bully lacks self esteem, mental and emotional difficulties are prevalent and some even consider suicide. Imagine having that kind of blood on your hands. You have bullied someone to the point of hurting or killing themselves. How do you think your Heavenly Father Jehovah feels about such action. There are too many stories in the news today about the actions of bullies and their effects on others. It is quite evident that bullying originates with the devil and his demons. In the Bible they are main ones who constantly took advantage of humans by treating them with cruelty and abuse just to get their own way. Who of us today want to intentionally demonstrate demonic characteristics. Well, that is what bullying is. It is demonic and has nothing to do with love for your fellowman. Realistically admitting this, can help us avoid bullying.

We can also eliminate bullying by:

  • (4) Not allowing anyone to cause us to feel less than human. Created in the image of God, makes each and everyone of us valuable. Remember a bully must first make you feel less than human or invaluable. When they accomplish this, it is easier for them to conquer and destroy you. To avoid being a victim, we must #educate ourselves. Pray to Jehovah God for help on how you should deal with a bully. Do research in the #Bible and see how God dealt with bullies when they came against his people. The account of David and Goliath at first Samuel chapter seventeen is an excellent example of how Almighty God protected his servant against the giant bully. This will give you strength that God hates #bullies and vengeance belongs to him alone. Rely upon Jehovah and he will fight your battles.

These are some suggestions as to how we can not only #eliminate bullying but also learn how to treat each other with genuine kindness. All of these qualities are based on true love that Jesus Christ, taught us to demonstrate toward each other by stating, "I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, you also love one another." (John 13:34) NWT of the Holy Scriptures. If we apply this loving admonition, we can and will eliminate bullying.

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    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 16 months ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      Hi Threekeys. I like your code name. We really do have to say "No" because if we don't, our family members or friends could be effected by this horrible practice.

      When I was in high school more than forty years ago, there was this female who was a known bully. This woman has to be about sixty years old now and when I met her a few months ago, she was still a bully. This same female was cursing like a sailor, jumping in people's faces and still bossing people around. It was so sad to see that now this woman is just an "older bully." It is horrible that some individuals make bullying a lifetime career and practice. I felt sorry for her because the ignorance was so obvious and it just made people avoid her because everyone knew just how ignorant this woman really is.

      It is my prayer that just as Jesus taught us to pray for God's kingdom in Matthew chapter six, where conditions "will one day be on earth like they are in heaven." That means bullies will not exist and people with those types of characteristics will not be around. I pray for that time to come.

      Thanks again for your valuable comment on such a detrimental issue.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 16 months ago from Australia

      We have to say No and dont become the silent onlookers.

      The now and future is no place for bullies. Well said.

    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 16 months ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      A world without bullying would be perfect. We look forward to that world in the future. Thanks Mathan42 for your comment.

    • mathan42 profile image

      mathan42 7 years ago

      Great work Angelladywriter...I too have same thought of a world without bullies...May God help us in the course of achieving it...