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How To Keep Your Child Entertained At The Pediatrician's Office.

Updated on December 13, 2009

Mini Activity/Coloring Books To Add To Your Fun Treats Traveling Bag.

How many of us have found ourselves waiting in the pediatrician's office - restless and cranky kids in tow - with absolutely nothing for them to do?

While most pediatrician offices do provide books and toys to keep the little ones busy, if you're a germaphobe like myself, then the simple fact that hundreds of sneezing, coughing, and runny nosed kids (no offense parents - I've got two of my own) have handled these same items, will send you running for the hills.

So what's a parent to do? How do you go about breaking the monotony of the wait, all the while keeping you little one entertained and holding on to your sanity?

* A Fun Treats Traveling Bag.

A good rule of thumb when going to a doctor's office, a dentist office, or any place where you and your children be sitting and waiting for sometime, is to bring along a bag of items that will keep your little ones entertained.

I always keep a bag with such items stashed away in the trunk of my car, in any event I'm stuck in an area where there will be a waiting period (it's great for road trips as well).

I call it my "fun treats traveling" bag, and I keep it filled with:

  1. Small Boxes of Crayons and Mini Coloring Books.
  2. Mini Stuffed Animals (the ones you get in you kids happy meals).
  3. Mini Writing Tablets and Pencils.
  4. Mini Puzzles Sets.
  5. Small Hand Held Games (such as electric hand held, tic-tac-toe, or miniature boggle set - which can be found at Target).
  6. Finger Puppets.
  7. Mini Playing Cards (such as Old Maid, Crazy Eights, or Uno)
  8. Small Dolls or Cars.
  9. Small Books.
  10. Mini Activity Pads.

I keep the items small so that I can fill the bag as much as possible, while giving my kids a variety of choices to choose from.

In the event you find yourself without your "fun treats traveling" bag, there are still some great activities to keep your little ones entertained.

* Keeping Them Entertained.

1.) I Spy- This is one of our family's favorite "waiting around" activity. Using colors, shapes, or letters, the ideal is to a.) find an item in the pediatrician's office, b.) tell the other players - "I Spy, something that is (red)" and c.) let them guess what it is. Whoever picks the right item, takes the next turn.

2.) Guess The Letter - This game consist of two players. Player A stands up and turns his/her back to player B. Player B proceeds to use his/her finger to 'trace' a letter of the alphabet on player A's back. Player A has three chances to correctly determine what the letter is.

3.) Open Shut Game- This simple hand game is great for the smaller kids (one year of age to three); it's a simple singing game that involves getting the children to follow instructions using their hands. The lyrics and instructions go as follows:

  • "Open, shut them, - (open and close your hands in front of you)
    Open, shut them,
    Give a little clap clap clap. - (clap your hands 3 times as you say “clap” )
    Open, shut them, open, shut them,
    Lay them in your lap lap lap. - (fold your hands in your lap)
  • Creepy crawly, creepy crawly,
    Right up to your chin chin chin. - (your fingers crawl up chest to chin)
    Open up your little mouth, - (open your mouth)
    But do not let them in in in. - (quickly put your hands behind back)
  • Higher higher,
    Higher higher,
    Almost to the sky. - (one hand over hand like climbing a ladder)
    Then like little birdies - (link your thumbs together to make a bird)
    Watch them fly and fly.
  • Lower lower
    Lower lower
    Almost to the ground. - (one hand under hand like climbing down a ladder)
    Quickly pick them up again
    And turn them round and round. - (your hands circle around each other)
    Faster faster - (your hands circle fast)
    Slower slower. - (your hands circle slow)
  • Open, shut them, - (open and close your hands in front of you)
    Open, shut them,
    Give a little clap clap clap. - (clap your hands 3 times as you say “clap” )
    Open, shut them, open, shut them,
    Lay them in your lap lap lap." - (fold your hands in lap)

lyrics by, Eric Gidseg (you can find out a little more about this author and teacher at

4. Itsy Bitsy Hand Games- Sing-along-hand games such as the Itsy Bitsy Spider, or Patty Cake are other great activities to keep your smaller ones entertained as well.

5. 'What's That' Game- This game not only teaches kids the name of various objects, but it also serves as an effective distraction. Simply walk your child around the pediatrician's office; point to random objects; and ask,"What's that?"

Keeping the kids preoccupied and happy while at the pediatrician's office, can be quite challenging.

Nevertheless, with the help of these few suggestions, your child's next visit should go a whole lot smoother, and you'll be able to keep your so needed sanity.

copywrite © 2009


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