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"Shades Of Black", Children's Book Review - A True Celebration Of African American Children

Updated on January 22, 2010

African Americans come in an amazing array of varieties.

From a variety of skin tones, eye colors, and hair textures, they truly possess a culture rich in diversity.

No other book, in my opinion, celebrates this diversity as beautifully as Shades Of Black - A Celebration Of Our Children.

Written by Sandra L. Pinkney, with photographs by Myles C. Pinkney, this husband and wife team have truly captured the essence of such a unique heritage.

Filled with simple, yet poignant poetic language, and accompanied with brilliant photographs, this book engenders in African American children a love of culture; a love of personal uniqueness; a healthy measure of self-worth; and a lesson in loving the skin you're in.

From shades as light as "creamy white frost in vanilla ice cream" to shades as dark as "the midnight blue in a licorice stick"; from eyes the color of Amber to the ebony in an Onyx; from hair straight as a "blade of grass" to the "stiff ringlets in lambs wool", the varieties that make up the unique heritage of African American children are so brilliantly and lovingly displayed on every single page.

Hands down, Shades Of Black - A Celebration Of Our Children, is one of mine and my kids favorite children's books of all time.

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