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How To Keep Your Kids Busy During Summer Break

Updated on January 1, 2013

Summer break can be a crucial time for kids and parents as-well. Often time parents become a unorganized mess, running around trying to find places for kids to stay. If parents are not extremely careful, summer can have a huge negative impact on kids. Weather it makes them feel unimportant being thrown around from babysitter to babysitter, feeling neglected at home by themselves, or just bored with nothing to do. These can create major behavioral problems that can take a long time to overcome.

Good planning, time management, and organization will insure you and your kids have a great summer.

Plan Ahead

Kids often think summer is a time to be lazy. While we all enjoy being a little lazy from time to time, 3 months is a little excessive especially at such an impressionable time.

Encourage your kids to take up a hobby that will require practice.

  • Team sports is a great way to learn responsibility, as-well as working with others.
  • Learning musical intruments can be fun and rewarding for kids, let them decide what they would like to play.
  • Search for summer camps in your area. Summer camps offer a lot of benifets for kids as-well as a break for parents.
  • Search for girl/boy scouts groups in your area, these offer wide areas of learning.


Sit down with your child and decide on a list of chores to do on a daily basis. Don't just make this about them, let them know that everyone in the family plays an important part in running the household. Give them a certain time frame that chores need to be completed. This will only be effective if you as the parent are consistently performing your chores, and monitoring to make sure they are all completed.

Week-end Group Activities

We all like to relax on the weekends and have a little fun. Get in contact with parents within your community, and organize some weekend cook-outs, with some activities planned. This can be fun and rewarding for your child as-well as the parents.

Freshen up on homework

Kids quickly want to get thier mind off of school when summer rolls around, however the last thing we want them to do is forget what they worked so hard learning. Take some of the completed worksheets from the school year and make them some worksheets to complete. This will keep what they have learned fresh in thier minds.

Organization is important all through life. The more organized a person is the more successful they are with work, finance, house cleaning, and all aspects of life. Lets teach our kids the importance of organization in this impressionable time in their life, and have a little fun while doing so!


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    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      very good ideas for summer