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How To Make An Activity Jar

Updated on January 20, 2015

How to Make a Great Activity Jar

Whether it’s family night, a rainy day, or maybe the kids just seem to be fighting and you need to keep them busy, either way the activity jar the answer to your problems or it can be the source of entertainment. So here is what you do, and making it is also an activity to do together.

First find a big jar and have everyone help decorate it. Secondly, write down all the possible activities that you can do with your family. Once you have a list. Cut up some little pieces of colored paper and write them on there. Then, roll or crumple up the papers and put them in the jar. Finally, Pick one every family night. You could have 2 jars, one for rainy days that include indoor activities and one for outdoor activities. Take turns picking the activity. Here are some of the ones that I used for my children and nieces.

  • Tobogganing, with hot chocolate and cookies for a snack. Making the cookies and hot chocolate before leaving and make this a part of the activity. Of course this activity is limited to those who live in a snowing kind of climate.
  • Write a short skit together and make a video. We shopped at second hand stores for our costumes. This one may take two separate activity days. You can then upload it to you tube if you are brave.
  • Fishing and a supper cooked over a fire, bring supper in case you don't catch fish. Have the children collect wood and wash the dishes later. They actually like washing dishes outdoors.
  • Science Experiments-there is so many too choose from. Just from the top of my head, invisible ink with lemon juice and cotton swabs, you write on a blank white paper messages than with supervision the child will iron them and Wala!, there it is the secret message.
  • Make an ethnic supper together and learn about the culture of that part of the world. Play the kind of music and dress like their culture and customs would. Again you can find a lot of these at Second hand stores, or prolong the activity into parts.
  • Learn some survival and camping skills together, such as building a campfire, or how to tie different kinds of knots.
  • Bowling is always a hit. You could wear all the same colored t-shirts or go glow blowing all in white.
  • Tie dye t-shirts.

There are so many ideas, these were only a few. Have fun!

(Feel free to add ideas for the jar in the comments) thanks

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Quiet Time

With all the activities it is also important to have some quiet times for parents and kids. Whether it be a nap or just reading. Listening to audio books is another great idea. It helps the imagination form pictures in their mind and is quite relaxing. With television it makes the pictures for you among all the other things such as advertising and loud music embedded in each show. Audio books are a great way for the child to unwind and enjoy some great stories. Click the link to listen to some classic stories. It's free!


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