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How To Prevent Obesity In Your Child

Updated on June 18, 2012

It is alarming to note that childhood obesity is increasing rapidly. Experts have found out that improper eating habits and inactivity can be the major reasons for this problem. Of course, some of these children may be obese due to genetic reasons also. Most of these children consume large quantities of wrong and junk foods. These foods are found to be high in calories. Some food items may contain high fats also. Children addicted to juices and sodas are also prone to be obese.

In addition to these reasons, lack of sufficient physical activity will also cause obesity in children. Another research shows that children who do not have enough sleep tend to become obese also.

You should prevent obesity in your children. It is true that you can not prevent obesity due to genetic reasons. But, if it is due to other factors and if you do not make the required efforts to prevent this problem, your children may suffer at a later date. The following few tips may be highly useful:

- You should first have a thorough understanding of child nutrition. Only if children get good nutrition through low-fat and healthy foods and snacks, they can have a normal growth. You should educate your children about the harm that may be caused by junk and processed foods and also carbonated and sugary drinks and juices. They should learn about the value of games and exercises. They should know the value of good sleep also.

- Once you know that your child is overweight, you should consult a competent pediatrician. You should consult a dietitian also. They will advise you suitably and help you to determine an achievable goal to reduce the weight of your child. They will take into account the body mass index that is otherwise known as BMI of your child also for determining this goal. You will get good advice as to what your child should eat. You should prepare a chart in consultation with the dietitian and pediatrician and you should follow it meticulously.

- You should encourage your child to play and exercise for about 1 hour daily. This needs a lot of motivation because in the current scenario, children are attracted towards playing computer and video games and watching cartoons on the television. It needs a lot of persuasion, cajoling and positive motivation to teach them the importance of such physical activities. Once children realize the thrill of playing out-door games and doing exercises, they will enjoy spending their time in these activities.

- By encouraging your child to eat fiber foods like fruits and vegetables, you can make them dispense with the habit of eating junk and processed foods. Some people may advise you to force your child to starve for the sake of making him or her achieve the right weight. Nothing can be more dangerous than this. Instead, children should be taught the importance of eating healthy foods on time.

Childhood obesity may lead to various problems like Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, adult obesity, hypertension, etc. More than everything, the child may lose its self-confidence. Therefore, you should take these steps to prevent obesity in your child.


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    • Academicviews profile image


      6 years ago from Scotland

      I am a massive fan of this type of Hub! Child obesity is a disgrace and it's up to the parents to give any child the best possible life within their means. It is child cruelty to feed a child cheese burgers and fizzing drinks every other meal. Nothing makes me more annoyed than that.

    • peachpurple profile image


      6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I like your tips. My kids are facing obesity. Hope that these useful tips will help them. thanks. Voted up

    • Cat R profile image

      Cat R 

      6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      Sadly so true. And so important for their future and for our future as a country!


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