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How to Beat the Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Boredom

Updated on March 25, 2020
Felisa Daskeo profile image

Felisa Daskeo is a teacher by profession and a mother who has experienced various parenting strategies. She shares what she does as a parent

Please Stay at Home


Let’s all calm down lest we aggravate this COVID-19 torn earth situation and affect also the children. Instead, let’s make our stay-at-home time, quality time with our kids while not busy with our own things.

Let’s be honest, when COVID-19 didn’t ruin our busy daily schedules, we had been spending our time going to work, going shopping, meeting friends, going places and the like. We sometimes fail to see that our family needs us too just like those many other things we grapple with every day.

Now that it is stay-at-home time for most people except the frontlines, we are free to do what we want with our love ones.

The children are all bored, I’m sure of that. They want to go out and play. They want to go to their favorite entertainment places. They want to play with their friends. They want to eat out and watch a movie. But that isn’t possible given that everyone needs to stay at home to fight this COVID-19 thing.

Activities to Beat Stay-at-Home Boredom

Let’s Fix it Activity Time

First thing first. You want your home to be in order before proceeding to the fun time portion. So, get your children to fix the house or their room by making the job fun for them. Here’s a simple suggestion. Set a time for everyone to wake up. Then have breakfast before running around and doing the fix-it time. Let every child have a part in the job. The younger ones can do small jobs while the older ones can move things or mop the floor. After everything is in order that’s the time to sit down and do the fun time.

Cooking Activity Time

Yes, you can even let your two-year-old play with you in the kitchen. Not the normal thing of playing, but integrating playing in cooking. Young children can help with food preparation. Say, for example, the children can wash the vegetables or fruits. Then you can let them count how many fruits or veggies they had washed. You can also teach them how to drain what they washed by putting them in a drainer. You have to help them do it. I know what you are thinking, many of us parents hate it when there are children around while they are doing their chores, but that’s wrong. Children need to learn life skills at a young age. That is teaching them to be responsible when they grow up. Therefore, it is not wrong for them to be with you while you are doing your chores. The only thing that you should do is to teach them how to do simple life skills while in the kitchen. Children love watching how things are done. Be patient with them if they ask so many questions. That is inherent in young children, and it is how they learn things on their own. If a child doesn’t ask questions then there is something wrong with that child. This is why it is good to encourage young children to ask questions.

After Meals Activity Time

Many parents would disagree with this because they don’t want their breakables to go to the garbage. Yes, washing dishes may turn out a nightmare for many parents especially if they are trying to protect their valuable dinner sets. But that is not my point here. You can ask your young child to clean the table after the dishes are stacked in the sink. Or you can let them push the chairs under the table after the meal. There are easy ways to let eh children participate in cleaning up after meals.

Before Bed Time Activity

There are just countless things to do before going to bed. Exclude the television time and computer time or gadget time. Children are full of that high-tech garbage. You don’t want more of them for your children. You want them to experience conventional ways you have enjoyed when you were a child. Don’t forget the storytime before bedtime with your parents when you were a kid. Children love stories. They will ask for more if they love how you tell them the story. You can also play board games. Board games are perhaps the best games to play at home before bedtime.


Fun Activity Time

This is the time where you can be creative for your children. You can teach them arts and crafts. Bring out those colorful magazines you have been keeping and let your children have fun with arts. This is the best time to bring out your creative self and have fun with the children.


Outdoor Activity Time

If you have a garden, you can go out with your children and do gardening. It is a fun activity. Let your children touch the dirt and learn to love nature. You can also play games in your backyard if you have one. Dodge ball is a fun activity that the children can enjoy with you.

There are so many fun activities with the children that you can do. Being creative is important in this stay-at-home crisis. You can have all the quality time with your children at home.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Felisa Daskeo


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