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How to Overcome Laziness: 7 Extremely Useful Tips

Updated on January 24, 2015

Laziness is the number one enemy of any kind of success. Whether at school or at work, laziness has the exact same effect. Even in love the lazy person has problems.If you are lazy, have you ever wondered if there is a way to change? You think you're destined to remain so?Lazy people are irritating to others and take a lot of blame. You do not want to be annoying, right?Now I will give you 8 tips to fight against this problem that could create even bigger problems in the long run.

Create a list of things to do

Every night, before going to sleep, make a list of things you need to do the next day . This will allow you to have clear ideas of the tasks to be done and how long it could take. Pin everything, even things as simple as going to the bank or making the bed. Learn the concept that there are no important tasks and less important tasks, but only "things to do". Here is an example of a daily list of a housewife:

- Making beds

-Going to the post office

- Grocery shopping

- Prepare lunch

- Change the towels in the bathroom

- Iron at least 4 shirts

- Wash the curtains in the living room

- Water the plants

Plan your space and your time

If you are organized and know how to divide your time, it will be even easier to do your homework. Organize your space also.
A messy and dirty place, psychologically leads to doing nothing. And as if you never want to start something, because the effort seems useless.
On the contrary, a clean and orderly puts the desire to be committed.
Therefore propose yourself the goal of keeping the work place clean and tidy.
You'll see that in this way your work will be easier and you'll do it with more enthusiasm and pleasure.

Difficult things first

When you look at your list of things to do, identify whatever you like the least, and have it first. The problem is lazy people tend to put off things they do not want to do, creating an emotional state of tension.The best way to avoid procrastination that comes from laziness, is to perform the task immediately, preferably in the morning when you wake up.Proceed through the list until the last things are the ones you weigh less. Then you can reward yourself with free time .

Determine the time

You must determine how soon you need to complete your list of things to do.
The awareness of time cuts the routine of laziness that surrounds you. The lazy person tends to do the same things with minimum effort taking a lot of time. You have to do it all within a given time.

Dress well

You got it right ... good clothes.
Especially those who work at home should take this advice to heart. Those who remain in your pajamas, robe or so sloppy tend to assume the same listless attitude which has its own clothing. Those who are well dressed tends to be more productive and efficient, as well as less lazy.
You must feel always presentable, as if someone might see and control what you do. If you want to succeed you have to dress like a man who is successful

Take notes

Sometimes ideas on what to do and how to do things come to mind while we cannot accomplish the task. Having a handy notebook will allow us to take the note to insert it into the list of things to do the next day or simply to do later. A Smartphone can be used instead of a notebook. Now there are lots of applications to note these things.

Assign the unpleasant tasks to another

This is a step that not everyone can follow. Not everyone can afford an assistant or not everyone has a family member willing to be of help. But for those who have this possibility, it will be a lot easier. For example, if you hate going to the bank or the post office, you hate to make phone calls, if you do not like to deal, and so on.Similar tasks you can leave it to someone else, so as to be more relaxed in doing things that will seem less unpleasant.

In summary ...

The list of things to do should be your daily drive. Organized to follow it and to work in a clean and tidy environment, carrying out the tasks you like least first, or leave them to others.
Determine the time to complete all your tasks, dress well and take notes as you get the ideas of things to do.
Then reward yourself with a day of laziness!
Try to put into practice these tips. I did and the results were amazing. If it worked with me and with others, why would not it work with you?


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    • profile image

      why being lazy 

      3 years ago

      Actually, I liked What you’ve said about Laziness and i find it true because I think There are peope out there Who think about other things other than just TV or Video Games which means they Have dreams they want to make them true and they have also a great potential but their problem is laziness (the feeling of not wanting to do anything stressful or that need some hard work to acomplish ) so they choose to keep doing what they do each day which is TV and Video games for example. So i think your post is a good guide to these people in order to overcome laziness and become productive and achieve their dreams.

    • Kathy Carr profile image

      Kathy Carr 

      4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Great Hub. Should motivate lazy bones to action. Wonderful job.

    • KoraleeP profile image

      Koralee Phillips 

      5 years ago from Penticton British Columbia Canada

      I love to-do lists. I always have a to-do list, but I usually have to adjust it in the morning after I see what work, if any, came in from clients overnight.

      They are one of the best ways to stay productive.

      You have some really good tips here, thank you for sharing them.


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