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How to make your Baby smart | Raising a genius

Updated on September 20, 2014
This is Harvey Lee my beautiful Nephew, The next Smart Genius Kid!
This is Harvey Lee my beautiful Nephew, The next Smart Genius Kid!

Introduction to how to make your baby smart

It is inevitable that Mother and Father are the best teachers in there child's life. A world renowned brain researcher states that it is the parent's that make the difference in whether there child is smart, or even a Genius. OK yes Children become more intelligent as they age, but in reality the brain's ability to learn slows as we get older. In reality a 6 year old can absorb naturally more information than an adult, a 4 year old can learn more than a 6 year old, a 2 year old more than a 4 year old. You get the picture? Your newborn can potentially learn fastest of all. Yet our education system is based on the reverse assumption What exactly would happen if you decided to reverse the education system? I suppose the possibilities are endless. To the right is my nephew Harvey he is to be the next genius child, or so his Dad keeps telling me! Here is some proof that a nurtured child can in fact perform tasks in but a few years off life that we may never be able to.

6 Year old Girl, The next Mozart?

Child Disproves 150 year old theory at 9 Years old

Mozart of Microsoft, writes first book by 9 years old!

Just a small selection of smart/genius kids out there. With skills that are far beyond advanced for their small amount of years on this planet. I do believe that sometimes it is just not explainable, and thus the word gifted is used.

I want to now talk about Glenn Doman and his theories. Glenn Doman is the founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. They provide teaching programs for both "normal" children and for children who have suffered a brain injury.Glenn Doman has released many books to help you make your baby smart, or even quite possibly the next genius. Along with the tips I will give you further down my hub, I recommend the following books reading a mass amount of amazing reviews. They are available to purchase very cheap if you are looking to nurture your child prodigy.

How to make your Child Smart or even a Genius

There are so many different theories out there, so I will show here the ones that I have found to be most promoted all over the web. These are not 100% proven to make your child a genius or smarter, but they will not hurt your baby and will inevitably stimulate your babies mind and senses.

1. All babies move around, there arms and legs mainly, this is there nature given exercise, let your baby experience this do not pick up your baby when he/she is doing this or even a little crying. It will help give them good health, a good mind and a strong immune system. It is all about connecting and exercising the brain, learning how to control and communicate.

2. Stay positive, staying positive as parents will help, whatever the circumstances you should always stay positive, this will help your baby develop a positive state of mind. Make sure you keep calm and relaxed around your child, they can feel tension and stress.

3. Speak positive thoughts, speak positive words and sentences whenever you are around your baby. Reading positive books to your baby will help stimulate your babies mind and also create a positive dynamic state of mind. It may sound silly to read words that your baby most definitely will not understand but their little brains are sponges absorbing constantly.

4. Build confidence in your child by saying these next sentences clearly to your child every day, I AM A WINNER, I CAN DO. These positive sentences will build the strong foundation needed to help your child be successful in life. Again this step may sound a little silly, but even if your child does not grow to be a genius, having this kind of attitude in life can help us achieve things far beyond our wildest dreams.

5. There's a theory out there that showing your baby large flash cards made up of colorful different sized dots arranged randomly can help make your baby a maths genius. I'm not so sure whether this really works but I am certain it stimulates your babies brain.

Random Arranged Flashcard Dots

6. Classical music, Playing Classical music has been a theory around for many years, although recently under some debate. So download some Mozart and let your baby listen for 30 minutes a day. Let your baby be stimulated through there ears.

7.Place your baby on there stomach for a few minutes each and every day, this will get them to work on motor skills, which in turn will help stimulate there brain.

8. Textures, colors, sites and sounds. Expose your baby to different types of all these, helping create new experiences, helps your baby learn more efficiently.

9. Some people believe teaching your baby foreign languages, or about for example history or science can stimulate and help your baby learn from the moment he or she is out of the womb. I suppose as long as you are talking to your baby it does not matter what you are talking about! So get out the quantum physics books and teach your baby now! At the worst you may learn something

10.Quality time, I've wrote this in bold because by far it is the most important factor in helping to make your baby clever. Remember we said, you are the teacher. Everything you do has impact on your baby, if your stressed your baby is stressed, if your upset your baby knows. Spend quality time together, cuddles, kisses, talking, even if you are rambling on like your talking to your best friend.

Mozart and Visual Stimulation for your baby

Conclusion of how to make your baby smart, raising a genius!

The tips I have given are just things you can do from home without any other resources, There not scientifically proven or dis-proven there are a lot of facts that state the above mentioned will have positive effects, will they make them the next baby genius? Who knows. I don't believe that there are babies who are born a genius and are just natural. A baby is shaped by our actions. So practicing all of these tips at home can only really have a positive effect on your child because all are about spending time with your baby, that is never a bad thing.

If you want to develop your child to a further level, then you would need to read Glenn Doman's books he has been studying this for years, and has wrote some amazing books, and had some amazing success stories both with "normal" children and children with brain damage. I keep writing normal in quote marks because what really is a normal child? Anyway, If you want to make your baby smart, and raise a genius Glen Doman's Books are the path you should take.available in all different subjects, and topics from birth on-wards. Many Schools all over the world have taken principles from Glenn Doman and Benefited highly from them Children as young as 1 begin to do math and read, using these methods.

Do you have any stories about your child being a child prodigy, or advanced far beyond their years. What did you do to nurture your child, or was they a natural genius? Do you believe that we should just let children be children perhaps a debate? I would love to hear from you so leave a comment below and share your experiences.


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    • actionbronson profile image

      actionbronson 5 years ago

      Very well written hub! I think proper nutrition and condition are very important in raising a smart child.

    • JasminRace profile image

      Jasmin 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks :) Can't wait to steal my nephew and try them on him! x

    • LupitaRonquillo profile image

      LupitaRonquillo 5 years ago

      Interesting hub! Definitely going to try some of your ideas and test them out :D