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How to massage a baby youtube videos- Top ways to massage babies before sleep. ways to calm baby

Updated on April 6, 2012
How to massage a baby
How to massage a baby

How to massage your baby for health and happiness

A soothing massage relaxes your baby, improves her immune system, relaxes you as well as your baby and strengthens the growing bond between you and your baby.

This is especially good for dads who often feel left out of the early stages of the baby’s life.

Best time to massage

1. When the baby is calm

2. Half and hour after eating

3. Right after the bath

What you will need:

1. Massage oil

2. Cream

3. A soft mat or blanket. Her changing table is the best place

for the massage or any flat surface will do

4. A towel

5. A volunteer

6. Make sure that the room temperature is warm enough

How to massage your baby?

1. Start with the baby on her back

2. Remember, this is supposed to be fun. Talking, singing and other verbal communication stimulates the baby’s mind and reinforces the developing bonds between you and the baby

3. Moisten your hand with a mild lotion specially made for babies and warm the lotion in your hand before you begin to massage her head with gentle circular touches.

4. Start with the forehead, temples, eyebrows, nose ,around the mouth and jaw

5. Don’t forget her ears

6. Maintain eye contact with your baby, talking or singing to her the whole time

7. Work your way down, rubbing across her shoulders and chests and maintain contact

8. Make gentle slight circular motion across her stomach

9. Continue down her arms hands and fingers, one at a time

10. And finally legs to feet, gently rubbing all ten toes.

11. And now turn her on her stomach and repeat the same massage

12. Now the mood is all set to put her down for a good night sleep, relaxed and drowsy


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