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How to teach colors to kids and preschool children

Updated on May 12, 2013

Why teach colors to preschool children?

There are many ways to teach your children the basic colors. Some can be fun and interesting and some can be boring. Teaching your children colors by playing games is not only fun but also it gives them different ways to learn something basic.You can also read children’s books that focus on colors. Most children should be able to recognize color differences by 18 months. Here are some tips and ideas to teach colors to kids and preschool children.

Teach colors with bright pencils

How to teach colors using pencils
How to teach colors using pencils

Tips to teach colors to kids

1. Books: There are many books that reinforce the colors. Find a fun book that focuses on two or three colors with many photos. This is a fun way to teach colors to kids.

2. Flash cards: You can teach colors through flash cards. Flash cards contain pictures of items in various colors. For example, if it is a picture of a banana it would be yellow.

3. Food: Kids also learn colors through food. Foods come in a variety of vibrant colors. When your child asks for something to eat, tell them the color of what they are eating. Some varieties of foods, like apples and peppers, come in many colors, which also teaches the kids that objects can have more than one color.

4. Painting: You can use paints to teach colors to preschool children. Take a giant piece of poster board and lay it on a drop cloth. Let the children dip their hands in the paint and create handprints on the paper. Call out each color after they make a hand print. Wash their little hands and start over. Kids like to be messy so this teaching tool is both fun and educational. Art is the best way to teach your child about colors and develop imagination and creativity as well.

5. Take your child outside. As you pass trees, stones, grasses and cars, identify the colors. After you have seen a wide variety of colors, point to something and ask your child what color it is. This exercise may be slow going at first because colors in nature don’t appear in the same hues as they do on flash cards or in a paint set.

6. Point Out Colors: Another good way to teach colors to kids  is to always point out different colors. Show them the colors in their clothes and shoes, animals, blankets, and anything you can imagine. The more you should your toddler colors the easier it will be to teach him because you are constantly reinforcing the colors.

You should find the way your toddler learns best and go with that. Most toddlers are fast learners, but some prefer to play games, search for colors, or read a book. Spend time every day showing your toddler colors and you will see it won’ t take long before your toddler knows his colors.

How to teach colors to kids
How to teach colors to kids

How to teach colors to kids


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    • Dmitry Shlandii profile image

      Dmitry Shlandii 3 years ago

      I suggest 'Sky Balloons' app for iPad. Very useful and fun :)

    • profile image

      LisaJohnson646 5 years ago

      Best book I found to learn colors and shapes is on Amazon called

      "Fast and Easy learning for Children - Colors and Shapes". My daughter was having trouble till I got this book. Brought a few for other friends also that's how good it is. I wish I had this book when my other two kids were learning colors and shapes.

    • profile image

      BentleyMom 6 years ago

      I have a two year old and he would LOVE the painting idea!

    • profile image

      Gomathi 6 years ago

      I've 2 yrs old boy.he wants to learn about colors.this website

      very useful to a mother&teacher "I Like Ur way of teaching

      tips"THANK YOU

    • escribir profile image

      escribir 7 years ago

      Some very helpful points. Thanks for sharing them blessedmom

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 7 years ago from Michigan

      Excellent tips on how children identify their world through colors. Voted/rated.

    • profile image

      meghna shah 7 years ago

      it is a fantastic . i really love it. it is very useful. thank you. hope it grow more n more

    • profile image

      STEPHANIE 8 years ago

      I sarted out using flas cards i''m trying to think of different games to play doing it, He just don't want to learn really i tried giving him treats if he would get colors right. I just want to give up, can anyone help me?

    • Lisa HW profile image

      Lisa HW 8 years ago from Massachusetts

      You've offered some good ideas here - especially, I think, pointing out/talking about colors of things outside. One thing that I found seemed to help my (then) little folks learn colors was the colored Duplo blocks. When the children had them out we'd do things like, "Let's put all the red ones in a pile, so we can find them easily." They were thinking they were organizing the blocks for the purpose of building, but it was easy for them to learn the few primary colors those blocks come in. (Of course, you can do something similar with M&M's, Fruitloops, or any number of things that don't necessarily contain sugar. :) )