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How to teach your kids not to bully others

Updated on October 2, 2012

There are kids that have innate personalities like being aggressive but they need become bullies with the right parental guidance.

According to parenting experts children tend to become bullies if they are punished by hitting, accepting or encouraging aggressive behavior or depriving them of parental attention.

You can still make your kids tame and meek and prevent him from becoming fierce and sort of a trouble maker.

Here is a short list of suggestions, tips or pointers to help your kid to avoid becoming a bully:

  • If your child bullies other kids, don’t hurt him by means of slapping or beating, this will just aggravate the problem and will just make your child more aggressive and will keep resentments within him. The best way is to take away a few of his well-liked privileges, say for instance watching his favorite TV shows, playing on the computer, etc. for one to two days. This will instill to your child that being aggressive have its equivalent undesirable consequences.
  • If your child continues to bully other kids, talk with your child and determine his reasons why he is hurting others. Does your child is just retaliating? Is he feeling lonely and just wants attention? Is he trying to bolster his status by using sheer force and strength? Knowing the root of the problem may give you a birds’ eye view of his attitudes and this will give you an idea on how to handle the problem.
  • If your child is finding it difficult to contain his aggressive behavior encourage him to engage in some type of activities that requires physical skills such as sport, where he can use some of his energy and take pleasure with whatever achievements he will get.
  • Keep an eye on any brewing sibling rivalry in your home. Avoid playing favorites on your kids. Encourage your children to get involved in fair play and foster teamwork, cohesion and cooperation among family members.
  • Develop your children’s identity by pampering them with tender loving care, attention and praise. Nurturing a healthy sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and the right values are so essential to your child.

Bear in mind that if your kid’s bullying antics is not check he will retain this bad behavior until he grows up.

Hope this helps in a way. God Bless and thanks a lot for the read.


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