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How Moms May Answer Very Difficult, Tough and Tricky Questions From Children and kids?

Updated on June 19, 2012


How to answer difficult questions from children

It is always a challenge to answer difficult questions from children. However, it is also quite common that the children ask difficult questions about their birth. Since the answer to the question is not that easy, most of the parents simply try to skip. This attitude on the part of the parents certainly irritate the little growing mind of the children when they could not get a suitable answers to their questions. I have tried to give a solution in the shape of conversation between son and mother, which demonstrates that how a mother could answer such questions in a simply manner that is up to the mental level of the child. Here we go:-

Son: Mom, when God created me, how little I was?
Mother: My dear son, when Almighty created you, in the beginning you were as little as a germ, which was smaller than a nib of the needle and could not be seen without a telescope.

Son (Amazed) Mom, when I was so small why I was not lost.
Mother: Yes. This could be possible that you would have lost but the Almighty was your protector. You know that children are great blessing of Almighty. So the God has made a little separate hut for the little ones in the stomach of their mothers. So the are safe and sound there till all parts of their body are not come into existence.

Son Mom. Is it correct that I reside in that hut?
Mother: Of course my heart.

Son But tell me how did I breathe and eat?
Mother Instead of you, I took breathe and the meal I ate was your food also.

Son Mom. Did you know that I was in your stomach?
Mother Of course my son. Some times your little hand or feet touched the wall of that hut and I did understand that my baby is making me realize, “I am in there”. That was a great feeling for a mother. I was very keenly waiting for the day when I could see your delightful face. I always prayed for your safety and life.

Son How many days I was in your stomach?
Mother You remained there for complete nine months. During this period you continued to grow slowly and steadily. I was very conscious that you may not be harmed with anything and came into this world while you would be sound and healthy. So I always used to keep my heart happy and satisfied. I used to take nutritious and healthy food to make you strong. I gave up the annoyance and in those days I always tried my best to be clam and cool. I used to treat others pleasantly and happily. I adopted patience and serenity in all matters of my life. In short, I adopted all the habits which I wanted to be in your disposition because I was well aware that my life style and habits would effect your body and mind alike.

Son Mom, How it could be possible that I grown up with the help of meal eaten by you.?
Mother Which ever food I ate was converted into your food which was supplied to you.

Son How it could be possible?
Mother: This is the divine power of Almighty. When a baby resides in the stomach(womb), there exists a tube in his navel which is connected with the mother’s body. This tube is the source of food for the little baby. When the time came when you have to arrive in this world and to start your independent life, the door of that hut was opened with the divinely powers of Almighty. My son remember, giving birth is always a matter of life and death for the mothers. At that time I suffered lots of pain and strains in my body. When you came in this world the first thing that was done was to cut off that tube which was the source of meal for you in my stomach. You can see a cavity in your navel which is the sign of that tube. After coming out of the stomach you took first breath in this world and started crying.

That was a moment of great pleasure. There was a smile on the face of all present there e.g. your father, uncles and aunties, all were very happy and they celebrated your birth in a fantastic manner.

Son: Oh Mom that is why I love you so much.

Note: Any suggestion for improvement will be welcomed.


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    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      It's a good way to get the point across.