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Ideas on how to throw an Ice Cream Party for kids

Updated on November 12, 2012

My middle daughter just turned 6 years old this past week and when we asked what kind of party she wanted she choose an Ice Cream party! I was so excited to be able to put this all together for her, it was so much fun and a great experiance for us all.

Getting the cake crumbled and ready to make cake pops.
Getting the cake crumbled and ready to make cake pops.
The cake pops and cupcakes all decorated and ready for the party.
The cake pops and cupcakes all decorated and ready for the party.
Close up of some of the cake pops.  We used just about every ice cream topping we had for the cake pops as well.
Close up of some of the cake pops. We used just about every ice cream topping we had for the cake pops as well.

First on the list were the cake pops. If you've never made these before you've gotta try it. Espically if you have kids! They make the little cake pop makers now just like the sandwhich makers and doughnut makers but I don't use those. I go from scratch. Here's all you need.

Cake mix (and all ingredients to make it), a large bowl, a fork and some spoons, a cookie sheet and some waxed paper, and sucker sticks (can be bought at walmart in the candy making isle). Frosting, melted chocolate and toppings will be used after the cakeballs are frozen.

Make the cake as directed on the box, after it is completely baked take it out of the oven and let it cool but not all the way. When it is cooled off enough to touch without getting burnt cut the cake into pieces and put in the large bowl. Use the fork to cut it up into little tiny pieces. After cake is in crumbles use the spoons and your hands to make the cake into little balls. Place the balls on the waxed paper that is on the cookie sheet. After the balls are made and the sheet is full put the sticks in the top of the balls and stick it in the freezer until they are hardened. Once hardened take out and use frosting or melted chocolate to coat the cakepops. Before the coating dries add sprinkles, nuts, or whatever else you might like on the top of the cake pops. I also bought little bags to put the cake pops in so all the little kid fingers weren't touching them. Put them in a bowl or tall vase and on the table for the party.

If you want step by step pictures of how to make some great Cake Pops here's an article by mary615 that will solve all those questions! How To Make CakePops! Instructions: Photos and Videos

After the cakepops were done we worked on the rest of the toppings for the ice cream. There's a lot of bowls of all kinds of different toppings. Oreo's, chocolate chip cookies, nesquick, hot fudge, turtle shell toppings, strawberries, blueberries, m&m's, reece peanut butter cups, and much more.

We made a "bar" area for the toppings so the kids could be on either side of the table. They were able to fix their own ice cream and had a blast doing it.

After ice cream the cake pops were passed out. Some chose to take them home instead of eating them right away which is why we put them in the plastic bags with twist ties.

The "bar" of ice cream toppings.
The "bar" of ice cream toppings.
My son with his ice cream.  Not sure I could have eaten one spoon full of that wonderful mixture.
My son with his ice cream. Not sure I could have eaten one spoon full of that wonderful mixture.

The presents came next followed by the pinata. This time around we had Dad hold the pinata on the end of a stick and didn't blind fold the kids. He moved the stick around so it was more difficult for the kids to hit it and we didn't have to worry about anyone falling down and getting hurt from being blind folded (the moms did have a great laugh talking about how the Dad should be blind folded instead of the kids, it would have been hillarious).

There's many games we could have played but I didn't want to make a huge mess out of the kids this time around. Here's a few of the games I had in mind:

· Tasteblind - You get the chidren to sit in pairs or threes facing each other. they get blind folded and one child has a bowl of ice cream and has to feed it to the oppisite person, the oppisite child has their arms behind their back so they cant try and help. Of course supervision is advised in case of an eye gouging and other injuruies. The players have to try and feed each other then guess the flavor, the winners are those the cleanest and who get the most right answers.

· Cherry on the bottom - Place a cherry, perferably maraschino, at the bottom of a bowl then fill the bowl with whipped cream. The players have to race to the bottom to get the cherry without using their hands! Prepare for a messy race.


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