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I will rather burn in hell

Updated on October 18, 2012
We all know what it means to have our Father's around us but for some if us who don't even know that it is a gift from God to a child to have his Father around thereby failing in every aspect to accord this great man due respect, i wish to stress here today that a Father is nothing but a shield and once a child loose this shield, he loose everything.

So for those of you who don't know how gifted you are having your dad around,wait until he is lowered down 6feet then you will realize the essence of his presence.

No matter what is your situation, no matter how poor or rich your family might be, no matter how many times you eat or do not eat in a day,a Father remains the head of the family and will always be the shield and buckler.He is the God you see and the foundation of your life, solution to your numerous problem and your best friend whenever you need a friend to lean on.

A Father's love is unshakeable, it taps deep down into the ground of a child's existence,it blossoms like a mighty iroko and waves to the air's direction-giving you reason to smile.

The words of a Father are pure
They conquer any threat
They give light to life
They double up determination
The words of a Father wins every battle
They conquer every fear
They give wisdom to life
They strengthen every weakness

"My son, it is you and me right from this day and i will always love you and will provide everything you need and even if i have to put my life on the line for your sake,i guarantee you my dear son,i will rather burn in hell to keep you safe".

That is the word of a Father
That is the truth about a Father
That is the desire of a Father
That is the challenge of a Father
That is the meaning of a Father

What else is left for you to know that without this man, you are no body? Anyway,a friend of mine has something else to say...


...Daddy was a kind man who was always there for his family, he found strength in us and always counted us first in everything he did.

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