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Identifying the Fame in Your Child

Updated on June 16, 2017

Identifying the potential signs of fame that may be latent in their child starts with identifying patterns of behaviors that could indicate outstanding talents. Unfortunately, many parents don’t even think about the fame that may be hidden in a child.

Of course, fame is not for everyone. But bringing out the best in a child goes beyond providing food, shelter and clothing. As parents, we must be very observant of the habits and routines of our children to discover that specialness that the world would love to embrace.

Great parenting starts with structuring a child’s life via values and qualities which lead toward eventual success. But to identify potential talents, parents must be very observant of their child, noticing the behavior patterns that may indicate specialness. Many famous people became famous because their parent identified exceptional qualities or skills and pushed their children toward greatness.

Identify the Potential indicators of fame in Your Child

Playing Doctor

Your child is obsessed with playing doctor on friends and family members. He or she pays special attention when ideas dealing with doctors and nurses appear on the TV screen. Some of the greatest doctors had a fascination with making others feel better, whether mentally, emotionally or physically. Examples: Doctor Phil, Doctor Oz etc.


Is your child exceptionally creative? Do he or she like to make things that will make life easier for others? Someday, the child may have the answer to a universal problem, the resolution of which will have a tremendous impact on humanity. Continue to encourage your child to invent things that will add value to the lives of others.

Olympic Champion

Do you childlike jumping off things, including furniture and playground equipment? Does he or she have an obsession for turning flips? You may just have the next Olympic gymnast. The behavior pattern is similar to the type of pattern displayed by Simone Biles, possibly the greatest gymnast of all time. While a little girl, she couldn’t stop jumping off the living room furniture.

Instead of getting upset, the parents saw something very special within the child, help nurture it, and the rest is history.

If your child shows exceptional skills in any sports, encourage and motivate them to reach for excellence in performance.

The talents in Your Child

Are You Identifying Signs of Potential Fame in Your Child?

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Impressive Beyoncé Imitation

Great singing brings instant recognition and reward. People will want to be around you and listen to your lyrics. Therefore, if you child has an exceptional voice and loves to imitate the great musical artist of their choice, promote this behavior.

Encourage them to enroll in local and natural singing competitions. Set up a YouTube channel displaying the singing talents of your child.

Galaxy Explorer

Could you be the father or mother of the next astronaut to do something at first thought impossible, such as walking on Mars. If you child shows a fascination with telescopes, astronauts as well as the stars, planets, and outer space, continue to encourage this behavior.

Encourage the child to take up astronomy or connect with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and other networks that specializes in this type of endeavor.

Reading the Dictionary

Does your child love to use big vocabulary words? If your child often chooses to read a dictionary over a collection chapter books, then you may just have the next national spelling bee contestant in your home. Encourage your child to enter local and national spelling contests. Compliment your child on his or her skillful use of words.

Neighborhood Politician

If your child as a knack for gathering engaging people in the neighborhood and convincing them to help each other keep the neighborhood clean, then you have a leader in the house. Children who can get friends to make a difference in the neighborhood could become the next outstanding politician. Barak Obama aspired to become a neighborhood activist before becoming the president of the United States.

Motivate, and Keep the Passion Alive

Avoid giving up on your child. Developing a talent takes time and patience. There will be ups and downs, setbacks and discouragement. Let your child Know that nothing great comes easy.

The greatest people in the world had to go through hell and high waters to get to the fame they enjoy today. The keys to sustainability are passion, courage and determination.

The Bottom Line: Priceless Efforts

As a parent, when you steer your child toward excellence, you have done one the greatest things a parent can ever do. Your child may not ever become famous, at least not on a national scale. But the price of your efforts will be beyond repayable. You will have raised up a child that can make a stark difference in the lives of humanity. You have produced a genius.


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