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Illegal Baby Names

Updated on October 12, 2012

Do Not Pass Go

Sorry, No Fruity Names...

It may surprise you to know that some countries require the blessing of government agencies in the naming of your child.
Traditionally Letters are only used in the creation of a name, but some parents are choosing numbers, symbols and even harsh or hurtful words that in the words of prosecutors 'damage a persons self identity' and is seen as offence to any, quote "reasonable persons".

In Portugal, Prospective parents must consult an 80 page government document outlining good and bad names for your child, with strict naming laws and over 2000 names just on the banned list. Such as:

  • Onvis (UFO)

Sweden Has laws where parents require the 'AOK' go ahead with the first and surnames of their children from the Tax Authorities. In protest to this one Swedish family had unsuccessfully attempted at naming their son "Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116" Properly pronounced as 'Albin'.
Some other banned names from Sweden Include:

  • Q
  • IKEA
  • Metallica
  • Veranda

Although Google was fine...

New Zealand has banned a few names from their records recently, Another couple was denied the ability to name their son '4Real'. Some other illegal names not permitted in New Zealand are:

  • Sex Fruit
  • (Twins) Fish & Chips
  • Keenan Got Lucy
  • Yeah Detroit

However the name Violence was allowed.

When in rome...

The pope has even extended a few rules into the naming of babies on official documents, Urging parents to only use names from the christian calendar.
Itallian courts are allowed to change a childs name 'when the child's name is likely to limit social interaction and create insecurity'.

In 2008 an italian couple was banned from naming their child Venerdi (Friday).
Some illegal Italian names include:

  • Andrea (In Turin, Its is a boys name, changed to Emma for girls)
  • Dalmata (Dalmatian)

Norwegian Authorities jailed a woman with 13 children for failing to pay a fine when she gave her son an unapproved name 'Gesher' (Bridge) was denied and she was incarcerated over the 'bad' name.

Meanwhile a couple In china was made an example of for naming their child '@' (the symbol in chinese looks like the phrase 'I love him')

  • Ah Chwar (Snake)
  • Chow Tow (Smelly Head)a
  • Khiow Khoo (Hunchback)
  • Sor Chai (Insane)
  • Woti (Sexual Intercourse)

In Japan a father was taken to court over an alleged 'gross abuse of parental rights' when he named his child Akuma (Devil)
Japanese government officials have outlined just 2,232 name 'Kanji' characters that are available for use when naming your child..

As We see more and more parents jailed, ridiculed and have had their right to name their child taken from them. Do you think that soon it will be up to the state of those countries too begin naming its citizens?

Should the government have the right to name our children?
Your Thoughts?

Illegal Names Poll

Do You Think that people should be able to name their children whatever they please? Or Should Authorities step in and name the children? Who's hands does this job fall in?

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    • profile image

      Dr. Owen 4 years ago

      Never would have thought about this myself. great hub!

    • babynology profile image

      babynology 4 years ago from New York

      Thanks for sharing........