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I'm A Mom, What's Your Superpowers?

Updated on January 15, 2019
My five kids and all my inspiration:)
My five kids and all my inspiration:)

Kids and Chaos

I’m a mom, what’s your super power?

I am a stay at home mom of 5 kids (enough said blog done) just kidding.

There are days that being a stay at home mom is great and rewarding, but more often than not I feel like no one realizes what I do to keep this house running smooth.There are days when I have cleaned all day, done the laundry, dishes, cleaned up muddy foot prints from the dogs and the kids, ran them to horseback riding, volleyball, basketball, softball, a friend’s house, went grocery shopping, paid bills, been referee, made dinner, helped with home work, been a nurse, read bedtime stories, explained why it’s not ok to tie up your brother or slide down the stairs on your toy box lid!! Then there are days like today! Let me explain.....

I wake up thinking today is going to be a great day, and then I realize the kids are already awake and downstairs. I immediately think OMG! It is 6:30am, and takes me waking them up 5 million times to get ready, eat breakfast, get dressed, get your bags and homework, hurry up your going to be late, throughout the week(when they have school). Then on the weekends they are up at the butt crack of dawn? My second thought is, the house isn’t on fire and I am still alive. So I get up and go down stairs, to see Alexis my oldest on the computer talking to her friends. I think it’s a conspiracy, because apparently all kids wake up early on the weekends. Hailey is sitting and reading her newest book, so far so good. Right? Wrong! Right away I see that they all decided to make breakfast and there is cereal and milk all over the table and the floor. Then the shocker of my life! My three younger kids, Brooklynn, Brittany, and Logan have decided to make a slip ‘n’ slide in the kitchen! NO JOKE! They made it with eggs and maple syrup. It was all over the kitchen floor. They were sliding from one end of the kitchen to the other. I thought I was going to have a stroke right then and there! I start yelling and screaming at them” only god knows what I was saying” and they go running through the house with egg and syrup all over them.I run after all three of them yelling, telling them they are cleaning the kitchen and are grounded forever!

So of course now they all have to take a shower and get cleaned up. Well that went bad to! I really just want to scream, because now the bathroom is flooded, and the kids decided to give our American Bulldog a bath. Anyway I dry up the floor and dry off the poor dog, and start making them clean! Against my better judgment, I ask the questions every mom should know not to ask. It went something like this……….

ME- Why would you do that?

Logan- It was Brooklynn’s idea.

Brooklynn- Whine, whine, whine. No it wasn’t it was Brittany

Brittany- No it wasn’t everyone blames everything on me!

Me- well it don’t matter who’s idea it was, why would you do that? You knew you would be in big trouble.

Kids- We don’t know, it sounded fun.

Me- well now you’re cleaning the entire kitchen until its sparkling!

Logan- But we don’t have any sparkles!

Me- Laughing, laughing, laughing……………..

What can you say to that? He was so serious. Needless to say they are still grounded and have lots of cleaning to do. Let me tell you it really took major super powers today, not to completely lose it. All in all it still turned out to be a pretty good day.

I need some feed back and yes this is a true story this actually happened.


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