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Indoor Activities for Kids-Picnic

Updated on June 2, 2013

Indoor Kids Activity

The time of year is upon us, the cold is setting in and we are forced into our homes. Those of us with children know of the challenges to keep our little ones entertained. So here is a thought, have a picnic! With my two year old, we do this at least once a week, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

I think we actually prefer indoor picnics because you do not have the hassle of bugs, uncertain weather and you can more easily cook and transfer food when you are in your home.

Setting The Stage

I think the way to make an everyday event like lunch exciting, is to make it special. I usually put down a red checkered blanket (cliché? Maybe.) but my son gets all excited when he sees it. I set out napkins and silverware, a cut flower in a vase in the middle. If your child is attached to a certain stuffed animal, bring them along, make it like a tea party. Whatever you do, try new things and make a memory. I still remember my grandmother’s old wicker basket that we would take on our picnics to the park.

The Food

The type or amount of food really doesn’t matter. Sometimes we go with a sandwich, chips and some fruit. Spruce it up though, I cut the sandwich into little triangles and make everything bite size for your child’s little hands. I have found that a good way to get your kid to eat their vegetables is to make them easy to handle and make a dip accessible. So cut up some carrot and cucumbers sticks and pair with hummus or ranch dipping sauce. My son also like when I make watermelon and canteloupe into little balls. It really doesn't matter what you serve, just make it fun and bite-size for your children.

It is all about how you display the food, just make sure that there are a few of your children’s favorites. I think one of the great things about restaurants when we were kids was the display and the new foods to try. Take a piece of the excitement and have a great lunch as a picnic in your living room. Whether you spend the time to watch a movie together or spend an hour talking and enjoying a great picnic. Either way, spend some time with your little one over the cutest picnic.


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