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How To Decide If Going Back To Work After A Baby Is Actually Worth It

Updated on October 10, 2014

Weigh your options

Long ago, women stayed home with their children until they started school. Nowadays, this once normal tradition, is now a luxury.

Whether you are pregnant or just had a baby, there will be decisions that must be made. . Sooner or later, most women will come to the quandry of when and if they will return into the work force. Of course with over 50 percent of children born in single parent homes, this may not be a choice, but if it is a question, here are some ways to decide if it is worth it.

First thing to do is decide how much it actually cost to go to work. That's right, we pay to work, things you may need to consider.

1.Child care- I pay 150.00 a week, some are more, some are less. You can always look up prices in your area.

2.Transportation costs-That will mean gasoline and routine maintenance, wear and tear.

3.Lunch expenses- Although these can be tipped off by packing your own lunch everyday.

4. Other Business Expenses- These can start from your clothing, to supplies, to anything that you don't spend when unemployed. Some may have to pay to keep up licenses or for classes.

So now, how much will you make? So do the math and ask yourself, is it worth it?

I recently came to the conclusion, for me, it was not. For some it may be, but now you know what you are really working for.

If you decide to stay home for a spell with your little one, the time can be priceless. There are many things you can do to better yourself or ways to spend your "time off."

1. Go back to school! You can get your bachelors by the time your tyke is ready to start his educational career.

2. Give your child a jump start on school. Children are sponges the first five years especially, use it!

3.Find a hobby! Become a more diverse person, start doing crafts, take lessons on anything really. Take the time to learn and express yourself right along side your child.

4. Learn the value of a budget. Learning the importance of a simple lifestyle, can lead to less stress and a greener footprint on our earth.

5. Start a garden. Whatever the space you have, you can save money and eat better with a garden. Teach your child the importance of fresh foods and where they come from.

6.Do what you never have time to do! We are always saying what we would like to do if we had the time. Well now you do, embrace it. Don't freak out about not working, enjoy it, you have a long career and kids to put through college.

Whatever the outcome, own it. You will do what is best for your family and with a little budget and a fresh outlook, we can all be less stressed out parents.


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    • Cookinmom11 profile image

      Cookinmom11 6 years ago from Saint George, Georgia

      Excellent advice. Well-written, too. :)

    • New 2011 Mom profile image

      New 2011 Mom 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      I tried being a working mom, and now I am trying out the stay-at-home mom and I must say being a stay-at-home mom has it's major advtanges and disadvantages. Child care is cheaper, transportation is cheaper, and I get to see my daughter more than I would if I worked. The major disadvantage is the money. My fiance is the only one working, and we are making it through, but it's nice to have xtra money just incase something happened or we wanted to go out for an hour or two together. Right now I am also going to college so our gas expense is really going up. The only thing that is keeping me at home right now is just the fact that things are actually working out, just because we are finding ways to make it happen and my family is really helping out.

      Awesome hub and awesome topic to talk about.