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It Is Important To Know Your Family History

Updated on November 11, 2009


     We are a combination of all our grandparents rolled into one package. I think it is important for a person to know where you came from and who your ancestors are, so you will know what, creates you as a person both genetically and culturally, we are a combination of our ancestor’s genetics.

     You have heard people remark on how certain family member’s look just like another family member who has long since passed. When my daughter was little my mother swore she was the reincarnation on my father. My daughter would make rude remarks under her breath about things just like my father did. As my father if you would ask them about it, they both would wrinkle their faces up and shake their head denying they said a thing. My father passed away few years before my daughter was born. I have five brother’s his looks are totally different from the rest of us in size and tone. In pictures of one of my grandfather’s who has long been gone, this brother has a lot of physical characteristics of this particular grandfather. My brother looked more like my grandfather than my father who looked nothing like his father.

    I have heard that a child can inherit genetic traits for up to seven generations back, when you think about how many grandparents you could possibly inherit traits from. Where did those grandparents come from? And how did they look? How could your children and grandchildren look? What shocking family trait could just reveal it’s self in your children and grandchildren.

      Throughout history various cultures believed that if people with certain genetic characteristics should make good off spring. In most royal families throughout history it was common practice for people of certain blood lines to marry within the family group, to keep the genetic pool pure. Modern day sperm banks list the donor’s genetic traits, and in some cases IQ. So the woman will have an idea of what kind of person the donor maybe. These genetics play a big part in our general health and what type of illnesses we are most likely to contract, as well as our emotional stability. It would be nice to know what you and/or your children may be prone to health wise in the future.

     Some families have genetically strong appearance that makes family members recognizable. by curtain characteristics such as facial and body structure. The way a person may stand, or the shape of the eyes. Other family groups are noted for their abilities such as being artistic or musically inclined, the third and fourth generation of doctors. 

    In my mom’s family her family name is Finger. My mom told me that a person got their name by something that distinguished the family from others. Most of the people in my family have slightly twisted fingers.  The same holds true in my father’s family, they have a tendency to have nervous break downs. It gives me an awareness of what kind of issues I may face in my life both health and psych.

     Some very simple ways to obtain this information is to listen to relatives, especially the elders, attend family reunions and family functions. Listen to the elders tell stories about things that other family members did. Pay attention to details like dates, location, and the names of relative mentioned.  Ask questions, I have always found that elders are more than willing to share family information, history, and knowledge with those younger family members who are interested. Let a relative drag out the old family photo’s, scrap books, etc. It’s a wonderful way to spend an informative evening.  Visit places that the family once lived. Look up local history of the town, and old newspaper articles of events, deaths and marriages.  Visit local historical sites and old family home steads.  Pass it along to younger family members be the story teller that the family will remember.



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    • profile image

      jhankaz 2 years ago

      it was amazing I liked it

    • profile image

      someone 2 years ago

      usefull information

    • profile image

      kinley wangmo class6 yadi 3 years ago

      Till now i thought knowing about our ancestors is not important but reading this i knew knowing about our ancestor is important

    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 4 years ago from South Florida

      I enjoyed your incite and the information in your hub, but it needs to be taken into account that there are those that are unable to genetically backtrack due to adoption and other cituations. I do believe that nature does play an important roll, but who we are as people is molded by those that are around us not what pumping through our viens.

    • profile image

      sonia 7 years ago

      useful information