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Jeden Diaper Bag Wemberly Pattern Bag Review

Updated on March 1, 2016
5 stars for Jeden Diaper Bag in Wemberly Pattern

The Perfect Diaper Bag for All Your Baby Gear

The Jeden Diaper Bag in Wemberly Pattern by HipBink is not only wildly attractive but super practical for toting all your baby goodies. I found the pockets and included accessories to be just the right size for me as a new mom. I have a ton of pacifiers, bottle diapers, wipes, snacks, ointments, and so much more in this bag but it never feels cramped or messy. I love the magnetic closures and the adjustable shoulder strap. I can comfortable wear and reach all the goodies I carry around on a daily basis. The larger strap allows me to hang this bag over my stroller which is so much more convenient that storing it in the under basket.

Its great for Daddies too. My husband also takes this bag on occasion and it easily adjust to be comfortable for him. Another reason my husband doesn't mind taking this bag along with him is the gender neutral pattern. The geometric print is cute and modern but definitely not gender specific, which is great because who want's to buy a pink and a blue, well everything for their kids.

I cloth diaper my son so having a bag that can hold the soiled diaper is a must and I love that this bag came with a tiny wet bag. I sometimes use regular diapers on the go only to find there is not appropriate trash can for me to dispose of it in, so this comes in handy for those times as well. I also really like the changing pad that comes with this diaper bag. Some of those public changing tables are just plain gross and I doubt they get regularly cleaned.

Over all this bag is perfect for me. The fabric is cute and durable, its gender neutral and fully adjustable. I get compliments on this diaper bag every time I leave the house.

The straps can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit mom or dad
The straps can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit mom or dad

Lovely Design and Practical Features

  • This gender neutral messenger-style bag is stylish and functional for Mom or Dad. The bag is designed to be fashionable and comfortable to carry
  • The canvas material is durable and long lasting. We include two great accessories, both in a bold graphic pattern: A water resistant changing pad that can be easily wiped clean and a matching accessory pouch to hold your odds and ends
  • Magnetic Clasps on front flap
  • Lots of storage options - there is a large center pocket with six dividers to keep busy parents organized, and five external pockets are perfect to hold items you need quickly.
  • The detachable and adjustable shoulder strap allows the bag to be attached to a stroller, where it can hang neatly and within easy reach. The main pocket includes magnetic and zip closure, and the back pocket has a zipper
  • Makes a great baby shower gift for fashion savvy parents

Even if you Take After Marry Poppins, This Bag Has Your Back

This diaper bag is nice and oversized for all your baby gear. It's just a little wider and taller than your average bag, which I personally find very nice. I stuff this thing with all my baby stuff and there is always a free pocket for the snacks you pick up on the go.

I also like how this bag has both magnetic clasps and a zipper. If you have the time, it's nice to be able to zip the bag up completely for security if you are using it as a purse but just the metal clasps have prevented toys and diapers from spilling out just fine.

There are pockets inside and outside of the diaper bag, this makes it so easy to toss things like toys or a sippy cup into an outside pocket when your short on hands, and lets face it what mom isn't.

The Jeden Diaper Bag comes with 2 great accessories.

  • A Waterproof diaper changing pad for sanitary changes on the go
  • A Waterproof wet bag that can hold a soiled diaper or damp clothes

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