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Odd Jobs for Young Teens

Updated on June 22, 2013

Taking Responsibility

As children approach their teenage years, many are old enough to begin taking on a few adult responsibilities. Their growing financial wants can be more than the parents can reasonably afford. Many times teens are willing to work, yet aren't old enough for hire in the public work force. There are many opportunities for young teens to make extra money without filling out an application to a fast food chain.

One job that is usually available for young girls is babysitting. Depending on the maturity of the child, even girls as young as thirteen who show that they can be responsible could babysit under the proper conditions, especially in neighborhoods with higher numbers of smaller children. Many parents like a night out as a couple but can't because they have trouble finding a dependable sitter.

One way a responsible teenage girl, or boy, could make plenty of extra spending money, would be to start their own type of daycare at home by sitting for a small group of children. This is only feasible if the parents are willing to allow this to happen in their homes. This helps young teenagers learn responsiblity, and a little about how to use fliers and word of mouth to start a small business.

Jobs for Boys

Teenage boys can pick up lawn mowing and yard work jobs for the homes around the neighborhood. Many working families welcome responsible teens to keep their lawns trimmed on a weekly basis because many don't have enough time to mow. Teens can set their own price, or just see what the clients have to offer. Sometimes people may offer more than the teen was going to charge.

Mowing isn't the only part of the yard work that can be profitable. Other aspects of yard work that can be done for money include: trimming shrubs or trees, moving larger pieces of yard debris, planting various items, excavating a designated area, or simply cleaning up a junk in the backyard. Responsible teens can usually make good money at odd jobs during summer months.

Teenagers that perform well academically in one or more subjects may want to consider being a paid tutor. During the school year kids that have trouble with certain subjects may require a tutor. If students are allowed to post things on A school bulletin board would be a good place to post their tutoring services along with their contact information.

Other jobs that may be suitable jobs for young teens include: pet sitting or cleaning, dog walking, or washing and waxing cars and trucks. Parents should check out any job ventures a child may want to make some extra money. Teach children how to be responsible with money. Having to work for those extras that they want can help teach them a little about the value of money. 


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    • profile image

      nieya 6 years ago

      there are some jobs out there actshily u can work at publix,the ice cream place and and mcdonals

    • scarlton profile image

      scarlton 6 years ago from Boonville, NC

      One section is titled "Jobs for Boys", The Top section "Taking Responsibility" clearly lists a few suggestions on jobs for girls......Being a woman myself, I can say that I have never been called a sexist......

    • profile image

      MEGAN 6 years ago